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Sometimes the only thing you can do is do what’s right for you. If they ain’t hearing you, do what you gotta do. When they ask you why are you so distant just look at them and say why weren’t you there when i needed you the most. Past loves never worked out, abused, used, mistreated. They didn’t know how to love me, i gave my all to them until there was nothing else left of me to give.

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Show up

Show up, i keep hearing those two simple words everywhere I go and from everyone i know. I have to show up to get paid, show up to church, show up and pray more, show up on social media, show up and go to therapy. In other words i need to be consistent because i have been slacking and not doing what i am supposed to be doing because well let’s face it i have been distracted.

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Threadsly Review

A Review of Threadsly

You’ve got it! A brilliant idea that will completely change the fashion industry. A look that will be talked about in every major city. But, where do you start? How do you create the product? Where do you put together an online store? Do you pay to buy items in bulk and have them sitting around? What if you don’t have time to ship anything out? There are just too many possibilities!


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What you don’t know?

So many of you don’t know that my blog is all about me and my faith with god. I can’t stress this enough having faith and going deeper in my faith is important. With that said I decided to do this Faith Activated journal experiment with Rachel Luna of Girl Confident. I am wanting to go deeper and deeper and really figure out why I am resisting so much; so I decided to take my journal experience to the next level. I decided that instead of me just writing with a pen and paper that I would take the journal prompts that Rachel gives and write them on my blog instead. I want to do this because well I want to be transparent with myself and you who read my blog. (more…)

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You Are What You Speak

Have you ever noticed that the way you speak match the right person you are? yah, words have power. The tongue, even though among the smallest of all the members of the body (James 3:5) can do the most damage.  I remember hearing words like “You can’t do that.  You’ll never amount to nothing.  You are so worthless” and those words stuck long and went deep.  The old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” is completely untrue.  Wounds from sticks and stones can heal but often words wound us deeper than any superficial wounds and are sometimes next to impossible to heal. (more…)

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