So many of you don’t know that my blog is all about me and my faith with god. I can’t stress this enough having faith and going deeper in my faith is important. With that said I decided to do this Faith Activated journal experiment with Rachel Luna of Girl Confident. I am wanting to go deeper and deeper and really figure out why I am resisting so much; so I decided to take my journal experience to the next level. I decided that instead of me just writing with a pen and paper that I would take the journal prompts that Rachel gives and write them on my blog instead. I want to do this because well I want to be transparent with myself and you who read my blog.

WOW! I amazed myself when I let go and went a little deeper in my realization. I think that 2017 ended just the way that I can see it ending. I never asked to have the amazing boyfriend that I have no but he’s the best thing that I could have asked for. He took me to this amazing restaurant where for the first time in year I actually dressed up in heels and a dress. See the beginning of the year I sprained my ankle and it never really fully healed. I felt so confident with myself and how everything played out for me.

I am not going to lie Blogging and journaling is still new to me so much that its weird for me to speak as if something already happened but I am doing the best that I can to do so. its like the moment I go deeper something inside me doesn’t allow me to go further in what I want my future to be. I am still trying to figure that all out but I cant lie and say its easy when its not.

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