Month: December 2017

What you don’t know?

So many of you don’t know that my blog is all about me and my faith with god. I can’t stress this enough having faith and going deeper in my faith is important. With that said I decided to do this Faith Activated journal experiment with Rachel Luna of Girl Confident. I am wanting to go deeper and deeper and really figure out why I am resisting so much; so I decided to take my journal experience to the next level. I decided that instead of me just writing with a pen and paper that I would take the journal prompts that Rachel gives and write them on my blog instead. I want to do this because well I want to be transparent with myself and you who read my blog. (more…)

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nud wear


Nudwear customer service was exceptional and it will be being exceptional forever. Nudwear uses medical-grade adhesive that can be used over and over again. It didn’t lose its shape or stickiness, even after it was hand-washed five times in the lab all of our testers were happy with it, saying it was easy to put on, fit well, and wasn’t visible under clothes Nudwear is an all American brand inspired by a new generation of women who are free, independent, multi-faceted, and full of life. Ingenious! You can reuse both the bras and the cases. Talk about efficiently and earth friendliness. Awesome! (more…)

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