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I am Sheila Johnson, also known as Sheila J in the fashion world.  I am a model, actor, blogger, model coach, fashion entrepreneur .. a creative.  I have been modeling for 5 years; my life is modeling and the fashion industry. I love increasing my skills and spreading my knowledge. I am currently enrolled in online schooling Ashford University for PR/ Marketing major and a double minor in Entrepreneurship and Psychology. With plans to attend a masters and PhD program there is nothing that will stop me in pursuing all of my endeavors. 

I have modeled for New York Fashion week, am on a billboard on 34th Street, and have modeled for a lot of print work. I have inspired many with the work that I produce when I am in front of a camera; it’s like a transformation. It inspires me doing what I do. I couldn’t think of anything else but to give back what I know, to share how hard it can be to in turn help others. 

Currently I am working on projects that are really motivating me to continue to do what I want to do.  These projects include subjects like health and wellness, Blogging, doing YouTube Videos, and an online Clothing store. A lot of aspiring models look at my portfolio and they tell me that they want to do what I do. Some are amazed at the fact I can transform into so many different people that are all still me.