Self-love: Investing In Yourself

Currently, we are living in constant change. Time seems to run faster than before, which makes people living almost unnoticed, unaware of the day to day. We are only worried about not arriving late to college or to our jobs, or we are just too busy trying to control our fate by strictly tracking and ruling our lives and schedules. Sadly, we finally forget the importance of our mental and emotional health, because we have our attention drawn to the almost mechanical processes we accomplish every single day, like robots.

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Furthermore, the global pandemic thanks to the COVID-19 was a seriously shocking event for all of us. So suddenly everything has stopped, and from one day to another we aren’t able to go out or walking to our jobs and responsibilities anymore. Things like these are much unexpected events that are unlikely to happen, but when they occur, consequences are tough.

Handling with many different concerns and responsibilities is a delicate process, and that happens thanks to our condition of being emotionally sensitive about our environment, our responsibilities, and our interaction with other people. In nature, this sensitivity ends up affected after those daily tasks overwhelms our minds and blinds our eyes so we can’t feel or realize something is going completely wrong.

When we look for help, is probably too late

It is a sad true, but most of the people avoid talking about their problems and worries because of everything that others would think or say. Hence, we start to keep it all inside in the hope that we could go on our own and fix all the internal sadness or inner void.

We don’t notice it, but by the time we finally realize about the consequences, it’s been too long since we started to accumulate those bad feelings, which also means that there are many things inside. Of course we have already been feeling wrong, discouraged, and alone for a long time, but we didn’t understand that as an important concern that requires proper attention and “treatment”.

One of the most important facts about these moments is that help can come from anywhere. There is not a specific place for help or answers we are looking for. However, there must be a willingness coming from the inside in order to approach the problem, face it and be open to listening to other people that may be very helpful. Information is just a free tool, so we decide we are able to decide what to do with it. Consequences are the direct result of how we take that information, and of how much we apply it in our lives, in addition to the way we understand our situation and environment.

Knowing yourself

During the most of times, the idea of knowing ourselves may sound a little silly. It looks that we are compelled or expected to discover and know everything about us, and yes, we are supposed to. Yet, there is an important fact about this: knowing ourselves is a process that doesn’t come along so easy. This idea often comes to us by a traumatic situation that is very likely to hurt our peace, so we aren’t encouraged enough to search inside us to figure out if we have the will and/or the ability to get over that mishap on our own. Curiously, that’s one of the best methods to start knowing ourselves.

We all have goals and dreams, and being absolutely aware of that reality is also an excellent way to know more things about us. When we set a goal, we just want to do everything that is necessary to accomplish it, so we work hard on our skills. This shows us the things in which we are good at and those where we need to work on.

The answer lies within

In nature, all of the help we receive from the outside may result very useful for us when trying to recover the state of peace; of course it is. However, the outer help is always a temporary resource that at some point will be gone. So it is necessary to realize that the outer support is just a tool, but all of the work must be done by us. In essence, it’s well known that we must take advantage of advices that our closers give to us, but we just can´t expect that support in any time we get into a tough situation.

So it is time to invest some effort and dedication to build your own state of peace and happiness. It all depends on your perseverance and your will. Besides, it is not a hard thing. In the beginning you may look a little bit selfish, because one of the first steps is avoiding all the things that you don’t like to do or be close to. Of course, this is a part of the self-recognition process. Knowing the things you dislike is going to give you more control on your emotional status.

Don’t let it for tomorrow

The global pandemic has been that moment of pause that everyone need in their lives. Having this lockdown situation is the best method to spend time with yourself and all your inner senses. So it is time to take advantage of it. Currently, we have all the free time we would like to have back there when we all were overwhelmed by responsibilities.

Discover the things that you like to do, and separate them into goals or aspirations, and hobbies. Put your biggest and more significant skills inside the goals and aspirations, because those are the ones that will put yourself right in the place you’ve dreamed. Things you like to do for fun will be your hobbies, all those small and daily activities that provide you entertainment and satisfaction, like writing, jogging, playing videogames, singing, or whatever.

Consider this lockdown as the self-care period in your life. You got all the time you need to organize the course of your life. Work hard on improving your lifestyle, and, the most important, start loving and trusting yourself.

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