Truth be told being consistent is the hardest thing to do. Even now it’s crazy there are times where I  just want to give up because I  guess it’s just easier to give up than to keep going. How do you find the motivation to keep going and just not give up? How do you keep being consistent when you spend several hours a day working on content for people to not even acknowledge the content that you create.

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I  don’t know about you but I  am just trying to keep going and content takes hours to make. However, I  am not going to lie it’s not easy. I  wish people would give me more credit and that people acknowledged me more often and gave me a little more credit than what they do. I  feel like even in being consistent that people sleep on me and that’s where I  struggle. I  struggle a lot from that and I  honestly have no words anymore.

Giving up though isn’t an option. So if you are like me and your struggling with consistency, just know that giving up isn’t an option. You have to keep going just like me. Thank you for reading this blog post, I just wanted to be honest with you guys.

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