With the many cosmetic and beauty brands flocking the market every single day, there are several issues we usually encounter when we are looking for unique waves, spirals, kinks and curls. As women that are trying to get products that work, we already know the struggle that accrues. Most of women out there have spent decades layering products to see whether they will work for them or not. This is actually the reason why we are here today to give you some easier and simpler ways of achieving the same effects.

Lus Brands spends a lot of their time in research and development because they want to offer you products that really work. They have also analyzed and tried almost all curly hair products in the market which means they have truly invested a lot of their efforts and money into offering you curly-hair products that works.


With such efforts, you can expect that there are many products for you out there that can help you to effectively cleanse your hair and scalp. Here are some of the formulas.

  • Gentle and Moisturizing shampoo-This is one of the sulfate free products that helps you to greatly and effectively cleanse your hair and scalp. The formula already has the right amounts of moringa and Shea butter that leaves your hair clean and feeling moisturized. The formula is safe and works for all curl types.
  • Ultra Hydrating conditioner-This is another of their products that will leave your curls extremely soft. It’s an ultra-hydrating and detangling formula that many people have been looking for in the market today. It already contains Shea butter which helps in hydrating and moisturizing the curls. It is also infused with Moringa oil that helps to repair damaged and dry hair.
  • All in-one products-You also get all in-one products for wavy hair and curly hair. You can easily give your hair a break from flat irons and heat with this all-in one product. This formula will leave your natural waves soft, smooth and voluminous.

You also get all-in one product for curly hair which will help you put an end to layering many products on your hair. This is what will give you perfect curls. All-in one product will drench the curls in hydration which will mean more soft and gorgeous curls for many days.

Are the products all natural?

We already know that you are very cautious with all the products you use on your skin. This company provides some products that are all natural. However, they state that not all of their products are natural. For this reason, the company has offered you a list of ingredients that they use to make their products.

Does the company offer a refund or an exchange?

The LUS brand cares so much about the customer safety which means that all their products are manufactured in a GMP-complaint and registered laboratories. All this is performed in Canada to make sure that their customers get the best products in terms of quality and pricing. If you are not satisfied with their products, you can contact their customer care for exchanges and refund.