Tressfully Yours Hair Flexible Hair Brush

Getting a good hair brush will ensure that the health and the shine of your hair are improved. It does this by distributing sebum from the roots of your hair to the other parts of the hair.  For all your hair brush needs, you can trust the Tressfully Yours Hair Flexible hair brush because it has the best and the most flexible bristles which mean you will move it effortlessly on the hair. In this brief, we are going to review this type of hair brush and eventually establish if it’s a nice hair brush for you or not.

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What I liked about Tressfully Yours Hair Flexible Hair Brush

This brush is for all ages

This is the first thing that I loved about Tressfully Yours Hair Flexible hair brush. It’s compatible with all types of hair which means it can used by children and adults for natural and transitioning hair designs. It is also very compatible with the texlaxed, relaxed, wigs, beards and also synthetic hairs.

Tressfully Yours hair flexible hair brush is for you if you have straight hair, curly, wavy or kinky hair. It also works for all types of hair textures including Coarse, fine and medium. For those people with thick and thin densities of hair, Tressfully Yours hair flexible hair brush is for you. Although people with oily hair have been in the market looking for a hair brush that will work perfectly for them, very few of them noticed the effectiveness of this type of hair brush. It doesn’t matter whether you have oily hair, sensitive scalp or any other combination, this hair brush will work perfectly for you.

It can be used almost anywhere

The other thing I loved about this brush is its versatility. It can actually be used in the shower or even when performing manual scalp massage. It opens the hair for increased air circulation that can boost hair growth. It’s also resistant to high temperatures which show that it’s perfect for use even on hair treatment and also in the process of blow-drying hair.

The price

If you have been worried about the price of such hair brushes and wanted to get a cheap and an affordable but highly effective alternative, then Tressfully Yours Hair Flexible hair brush is for you. It currently retails at $13 at Amazon. There are also many coupons, promo codes and other discount codes that you can use especially this Black Friday to save a lot of money as you purchase this type of hair brush.


This brush is lightweight and durable. These are two advantages that are very rare to find on other hair brushes. It has a well-designed rubber paddle which will give you better non-slip control. This brush is also made specifically to reduce fatigue.

Everybody loves its sleek design

Besides all the above cons, Tressfully Yours hair flexible hair Brush is a well-designed hair brush. It has 8 individual bristles comb rows.t is also specifically designed to mean you can hold the bar horizontally.