I’m very big on loyalty, because if you have no loyalty and or don’t know the definition of it than you will just do what you want and when you want to people.
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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given out my trust and loyalty to people to only get hurt in the end. I had a friend that claimed she was my friend and end up telling my boyfriend she liked him and didn’t even apologize for it and or think she’s wrong.
I mean, if you don’t see where you are wrong for that, that’s a problem.
I had another friend that always remains friends with my ex’s, and other people including the people that have done me wrong which includes the girl that I just mentioned.
Can you see why I’m very big on loyalty and trust and why I wouldn’t just let anyone in my life at all.
I’m sorry but like you can’t be my friend and still talk to people that have done me wrong.
It doesn’t work like that but while many people have their own opinions and this is mine, I don’t play when it comes to my loyalty and who I give it too.
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