How to reach your goals

We should not continue to deceive ourselves, we human beings are in continuous evolution, and we are always in the constant search for personal success, for everything that not only satisfies our needs but also makes us feel peace and tranquility. Depending on who you ask, success is a very subjective thing for each type of person, however, to obtain it, it is first necessary to fulfill or reach those objectives, which together and like pieces of a puzzle, make up the success we all seek in our lives.

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It is no secret to anyone that sometimes we suffer inconveniences to reach or fulfill those objectives that we set and that is indispensable to become a new and better version of ourselves. According to a study published in Forbes, only 8% of the world’s population was able to achieve each of their goals and achieve personal success. Although this study was conducted based on several factors, it is striking and quite interesting how 92% of the world’s population has had serious difficulties in achieving their personal goals and somehow fulfilling their dreams.

There is an old saying that goes, “Human beings get very old very soon, and reach wisdom very late”. Without a doubt, this saying is a perfect reflection of why many times we do not reach the goals we set, and therefore, we do not achieve that success that brings us personal and professional peace of mind. Over the years, many people such as artists, celebrities, business people, or anyone who considers themselves successful, have shared their experiences and their appreciation of this subject through different means, and most have come to share the same conclusion.

To achieve whatever we set out to do in life, and then succeed, it is not necessary to be very intelligent, very popular, or to be the most daring. The only requirement, which is truly important, is to have the conviction and perseverance necessary to take one step at a time on our path to personal success, and never give up. It is also very important to be eager to continue learning and to improve daily, both personally and professionally.

Of course, we are aware that this is easier said than done, and that it cannot be achieved by magic, from one day to the next. For this reason, we provide you with some advice and guidelines that you can put into practice to meet all the objectives you set.

Start with small goals

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of big plans or big goals. However, setting big goals is inadvisable, because many times when people set big goals for themselves, they get lost along the way, and lose focus. They end up going only a fraction of the way to success, lose motivation, and end up in the sad routine of failure.

For this reason, some experts in this field recommend that the first step is to establish small goals that together set a larger objective. The other option is to set a large goal, and then break it down into smaller goals, and then achieve the main goal more quickly and effectively.

Set realistic goals

As the second piece of advice, it is very important to set goals that are realistic, specific, achievable, and long-lasting. It is also very important that the objectives are strategic and determined by emotions. For many experts, setting goals that are motivated by emotions allow you to develop an emotional attachment to the goal, which is necessary to achieve any important goal in life.

Not only do you get a better focus, but you also get a greater motivation to achieve the goal. You get a better view of the right decisions to be made to meet the goal. With this way of looking at the road to success, people get to develop a sense of urgency and need, which is necessary to achieve any kind of goal. People who want to succeed must feel as if they have no other option but to get to work on their goals and then accomplish them.

Keep moving

For some experts, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they stop at some point in their lives and lose the rhythm they were carrying to achieve their dreams. No matter how much you learn, it’s very important not to fall into the trap of analytical paralysis. Every time you learn something new, put it into practice. The best way to learn anything, on any subject, is to practice it. Through these actions, you will not only learn to determine and know your limits, but you will also learn to cope with failure and learn to correct your mistakes.

Define your fears

One big mistake that people make is to focus so much on their goals and the means to achieve them that they forget to determine their fears. Forgetting our fears is a mistake, which without realizing it, can lead us to failure. During this stage, you must ask yourself this question, what are you afraid of? What stops you from achieving what you desire? By asking these kinds of questions, you will open a window of opportunity where you can find answers and solutions to those situations of failure.

Evaluate your progress

During this phase, it is very important to evaluate all those steps that bring us closer to our objectives. If you want to achieve any goal you set, you need to ask yourself questions like: What have I done today to get closer to my objectives? What did I do? Did it work? If it didn’t work, why didn’t it work?

With this kind of evaluation, you will be able to reflect on what you do and don’t do to reach your goals. Not only will you be able to determine what you need to do to achieve them, but you will also be able to determine what is preventing or delaying you from fulfilling your dreams.

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