I am trying to figure out, the things that I am doing wrong. At least it FEELS like I am doing something wrong. I put out so much content and its like its out there but why am I not getting the benefits of putting out the content.

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Its hard when you think your friends and family support you but in reality they don’t. I am saying that because well if they really supported you the way that they say they do, you wouldn’t be in the situation that you are in right now. All it really takes is one person to show you support so that you can grow more in whatever it is that you are doing. If your friends and family can support people they don’t know than can damn well support you someone that they claim to love and care about. Is there not a way for us to just support each other without feeling overwhlemed with pressure that you are not doing something right. It hurts when you feel like you are doing so much but only getting back so little. LETS MAKE A CHANGE AND SUPPORT everyone.




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Photographer Michael Donnel