First let me say THANK YOU, to Virago Babe Lashes. They are so sweet and kind and I am really looking forward to continue building a relationship with them.

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Virago Babe Lash, was created by Danette Anderson she started doing photoshoots three years ago and realized that sometimes it is hard to find the right lashes for the right woman. Having lashes on enhances a women’s beauty making them feel confident in every way.  According to Danette “Finding the perfect lash to accentuate every woman has been challenging, so I decided to create my own – VIRAGO BABE!  We have the most luxurious, high-quality mink and silk lashes on the market, in a variety of styles.”

These LASHES ARE AMAZING, simply because well you can wear the lashes for up to 25 times. Now me being me I am frugal and like to get the best out of my money and make things so ill wear something until it finally gives. And since I now have two different pairs of lashes thats a total of 50 wears out of them. YAY! 🙂  The two lashes that I got were Penelope, and Sasha, these lashes are so beautiful and amazing to wear.

Sasha – Ultra glam

, extra wispy, especially seductive and dramatic.  Sasha has soft spikes that are super long, ideal for a voluminous, bold look. Extremely dramtic! Can be worn up to 25 times with proper care. $29.00

Penelope – Silk lash

.  Very tapered for extreme lift.  Perfect for a smoky cat eye.  Moderate length and volume.  Great option for smaller eyes.  Can be worn up to 25 times with proper care. $29.00

These lashes also come in an a really Rose Gold case, and I have to say that they are definitely worth it!

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