Contact lenses, wigs, costumes, anime onesies, makeup, skin care products and so much more!

Based in Malaysia, this seven year old cosmetic distributor had experienced nothing but blessings in popularity and successes. The previously small scale business grew into an online distributor of cosmetics that are known internationally! 

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Since UNIQSO sells almost anything cosmetic – along with anime cosplay materials – the market for cosplaying cosmetics is all but theirs! As the days go by, more and more of their products reach the hands of costumers in peak condition. And because of the quality of their products, customers keep coming back for more!

Several famous items sold are: Uchiha Sasuke’s Sharingan contact lenses, Kaneki Ken’s ghoul contact lenses, Orihime Inoue’s wig, and Saber’s formal wear costume. These are only the tip of the iceberg! If you want to see what they do have in stock, check them out now!

Cosplay Wig – Fate stay night – Tohsaka Rin

From the cosmetic distributor that gave you Saber’s formal wear costume comes a new Fate stay night merchandise for sale! The Tohsaka Rin Wig! With the new wig, you can try and look the part of the one of the Masters to win the Holy Grail War! The thick and the added extension for the hair can only entice even the most cynical Servants to your whim.

Captivate people as you become more and more fashionable like the Master of the Archer class Servant! But don’t lose your cool and keep in mind that the wig is separate from the costume itself. Buying the wig is a huge step in becoming the Master that you want to be – so what are you waiting for? Check out UNIQSO’s wig shop for more details!