Show up, i keep hearing those two simple words everywhere I go and from everyone i know. I have to show up to get paid, show up to church, show up and pray more, show up on social media, show up and go to therapy. In other words i need to be consistent because i have been slacking and not doing what i am supposed to be doing because well let’s face it i have been distracted.

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I have been so busy trying to work on my own strength, and giving myself excuses of not going to church that I’m not realizing going to church is the very thing that will bless me. There is power in showing up and sometimes that means figuring out what you have to do to get up and just show up. Stop making excuses for yourself, i know i shouldn’t be talking but these excuses that you keep telling yourself is the exact reason you are in the same place that you were yesterday and nothing is changing. Something has to change, start going to church, start praying more, posting in those Facebook groups, posting more on social media, start doing whatever it is that you do A change will start to happen. If you have faith in what it is you are doing no one can tell you differently or otherwise for that matter. If you have faith all your prayers have been answered and all you have to do is raise your hands and show up to receive those answers.



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