Organizing A Mediation Room Using 9 Simple Steps
There are two sides to becoming your fit, and the focus on your mental health is just as important as the focus on your physical health. Did you know that if you spend just 20 minutes each day meditating, you can gain a wealth of improvement on your mentality. However, meditation needs to be performed in the perfect space if you want it to be effective. When considering how to make a meditation space that will suit your needs, make a note of how these nine factors can be of assistance.
1. Location Is Important
The number one priority for your meditation space is that is must be a location that is quiet and not a place where there are a lot of people. You may find that your patio, garden or porch areas could suit your need for mediation space, and these areas are also attractive if you wish to do yoga in the same area. In 2003, a study was done in Sweden that revealed outdoor workouts were 15% more restorative than indoor workouts.
2. Minimalize Your Space
It is hard to relax and feel calm when you are surrounded by “stuff”. The next step to making your meditation space relaxing is to get rid of everything in the room that is constructive and cluttering. This may mean moving out furniture, but you want the room to be relaxing. Don’t forget to take all but one or two pictures from the walls. Leaving a couple of items up means you have a focus point.
3. If inside Soundproof The Room
If possible, soundproof the room that you are going to use for meditation. New insulation within the wall cavities is one way to keep the outside noise out. A product known as green glue is another soundproof method, and green glue could save you money as it takes the energy from sound waves and turns it into heat. This could be very beneficial during the winter months.
4. Make Sure Your Lighting Is Relaxing.
You want your meditation area to feel cozy and inviting so choose lighting that can match your mood needs. LED lights that have a yellow tinge to them will help you achieve this. Make sure your lights can be dimmed as necessary so that they can be lowered during meditation time.
5. Don’t Forget A Water Feature
There is nothing more relaxing that the sound of running water so make sure you include an indoor water feature in your meditation space. You don’t need anything big and fancy as even a small water feature will give the sound your body needs to relax. If you go for an outdoor space then one of these outdoor wall fountains at could do the trick
6. Incorporate Nature Into Your Space
Giving your body the ability to reconnect with nature will help it to relax and this has been proven in more than one study. You can include nature in your room by having beach objects, living green plants or even flowers in your space. Anything that makes you think of being outside will be of benefit.
7. Music Soothes The Soul
When you need to calm your mind, music is a proven aid for meditation. Not only does music give you something to focus on, but it also drowns out the noise of other things going on around you.
8. Aromatherapy Calms The Mind
If you are finding it tough to relax, consider adding essential oils such as peppermint or lavender into your meditation space as they are proven relaxants. You can either purchase candles that have these oils in them, or you can run a diffuser in your meditation area which has a few drops of these oils added to it.
9. Don’t Forget The Need For Fresh Air.
Vitamin D is important in your desire to reduce your stress levels, and making sure your meditation room has a window that can be opened will help you trigger Vitamin D in your body. You need fresh air to help reconnect with the outdoors.

Improving your health and mental well-being can be done by bringing meditation into your daily routine. Using these tips you can create the perfect meditation room, and that will immediately impact on the negative mental health you have been experiencing.
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Subscription shopping services are on the rise. For a monthly payment you can get anything from a box of beauty products to shoes to food. What a wonderful world we live in. Today I want to talk about Rocksbox, a subscription service with a twist. Also keep reading for a surprise 🙂

Rocksbox is a subscription service that sends you jewelry for $19 a month. What’s ah-mazing about Rocksbox is that your box of jewelry will be worth around $200. Get this: the jewelry sent to you is on loan, so you receive the jewelry, keep it for as long as you want (yeah that’s right), and return it to get a different set of jewelry. 

*Shipping both ways is free
*Cancel at any time
*Personalized to your taste

You also have the option to buy the jewelry. For every month you are a member, you receive $10 towards any piece of jewelry you want to buy.

All you have to do is fill out a style survey. This is great for people like me who aren’t very jewelry savvy. So no matter your taste or if you’re a beginner or aficionado, Rocksbox will have the perfect pieces for you.
And let me mention this again: you can swap out your jewelry at anytime! So you can wear a variety of jewelry without spending a ton of cash. This service will be perfect for special occasions, like weddings, graduation, prom, you name it. All you have to do is pay the $19 a month, no matter how long you choose to keep one set. 
Designers:GorjanaCC SkyeHouse of Harlow 1960Loren Hope& many more!
Jewelry examples:W3Schools.comW3Schools.comW3Schools.comLoren Hope–House of Harlow 1960–GorjanaFOR ONE MONTH FREE:  iamsheilajxoxo Enter the promocode after signing up for one month free!*Disclosure*Post Sponsor Ad:

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I was enjoying the hunt for Skechers so much that I ended up on a  couple of their distributors websites and found even more gorgeous prints from the likes of company’s such as John Martin’s Shoes. Here are some of my favourite additional discoveries…

Lightweight and softly textured, these floral beauties are the perfect trainer for the summer seasons! They’re so cute that you couldn’t definitely pull them off for casual outings that involve no sports at all! Team with a 90’s inspired denim skirt and tee for casual cool with a vibrant twist!
These rainbow flex appeal Skechers are built with mesh fabric uppers for breathability and have a memory foam insole for maximised comfort when taking part in your activities. This candy coloured design looks yummy enough to eat!
For more of a subtle edge, opt for these leopard print and coral Skechers – harnessing the same shock absorbent technology as the others, but with less aesthetic shock! A more muted design for a conscious runner.
These bad boys are the perfect companion for city walks and sight seeing! the Gogo mat insole provides lasting comfort for feet going through a strenuous day of being attached to an eager tourist! The neon coloured uppers and laces still are a unique and funky addition to the smart shoes.

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The following are tips that you can use to get the best pictures that relate to you blog and can even tell a story at just a glace. Please remember that they require good practice and patience.
             This post may contain affiliate links. Read my Disclosure for more info. 

Backgrounds: There is nothing less attractive like taking a photo in an environment or background that messy for a blog that is supported to be professional and. The mess in the photo will just still the beauty that was supported to be captured in the photo. So you should invest in taking your photos in a clean background, like for instance using a white plain cloth or a board. Everything that is around your subject is important so everything has to be clear, clean and match. Forget about taking pictures on the deck or even on your house decorations. You just have to figure out what works best for you and for the photos you want to take.
Props: These will add a little something extra to your photos. Including props and enactment your photos helps to make them more appealing and create a story within your photograph.
Lighting: Putting your subject direct to the sun is the best thing you could do. But if there is no sun then you have to take your photos in a natural light source. You can use the window or an open door to get good lighting. You should also try to play around with the lighting settings of your camera when setting up for photos. The lighting of photos can differ according to the emotion that you want to capture. Remember your subject has to face the lighting source. 
Angles: Nothing is more fun like playing with your angles to get the best pictures. There is no point in taking photos from the same angle. They would just be plain boring because they would not show any sign of creativity. Play around and you may be surprised what you come up with; have fun with your shoots.  
I hope these tips will help you to snap snap snap and capture great moments and good photos for your blog.
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Want to look amazing on your wedding day, well these tips are here to make it a reality – take a look and see for yourself.

1. Choose The Right Undergarments
The undergarments you choose can really change the way your dress will look on you. Unless your dress covers most of your shoulders, you are going to need to find a good strapless bra or at a bra with clear straps. I lost weight for my wedding and found it helpful to have my measurements professionally taken before shopping for undergarments. I tried the dress I had picked before losing weight and found that my bust did not look like I expected it to. It turned out that my bra was a cup too small and was too loose around my waist. I tried the dress again after a few adjustments were made and was happy with the result.
2. Keep Your Make-Up Simple
Getting ready for a wedding can make you feel extremely aware of your appearance. The circles under your eyes that would usually be barely noticeable seem hard to ignore. You might feel that the fluorescent lighting is making your make-up hard to notice. Keep your make-up simple when meeting with your consultant and do overdo it on the day of your wedding. Stay away from self-tanner since this product can damage your dress. Wear your hair like you want to have it on your wedding so your consultant can help you create the right look. There are some good tips here on bridal makeup.
3. Don’t Say Yes To Everything Your Consultant Says
Your consultant will present different options and needs you to give them your honest opinion. My consultant Andrea pointed out that I was complimenting every dress she was suggesting. She reminded me that she didn’t design the dresses and that I wouldn’t hurt her feelings by saying that I didn’t like a dress. I adopted a more critical attitude and turned down some of the choices she was presenting me with, including the Lazaro dress you can see above. I eventually found the perfect dress with her help. I found that working with a consultant was really helpful since she knew what looked good on me and what didn’t.
4. Wear The Dress Outside Of The Dressing Room
My consultant Andrea helped me put the dress I had chosen and the veil on so I could wear them outside of the dressing room. I walked around the store before heading to the entrance where my dad was waiting. Seeing his stunned look was an incredible experience and it made me confident that I had found the right dress. I knew I loved the dress when I first saw it but this reaction is what helped me solidify my decision. Wear the dress for a while, walk, sit down and dance to make sure it is comfortable and looks good from every angle.
5. Trying Dresses On Can Be Draining
Wedding gowns are heavy and getting in and out of them takes time and can be draining. I found myself looking forward to taking a nap after trying several dresses. I had spent hours making plans for my wedding before trying on dresses, including which venue I wanted, what kind of pictures I wanted and what kind of music should be played. Everything I had written down on paper came to life once I saw myself in my dress. I started crying and I am usually not the type to easily shed tears. I have a good friend who cannot watch a romantic movie without crying and yet she did not have that kind of reaction when she found her wedding dress. Everyone has a different experience with the wedding planning process but you should be ready in case this is an emotional moment for you. I was really impressed by these beautiful dresses from Teokath Bridal ofLondon.
6. Try On The Dress Your Mom Likes
Your mom has been looking forward to your wedding for years, and she is probably just as excited as you are at the prospect of going to a bridal store to try on some dresses. If she recommends that you try on a dress, oblige her. You might find that you were right about lace not being the right choice for you, or you might find that your mom’s choice is actually a great fit!
7. Ask About Discounts

Some stores will give you a discount if you buy your wedding gown along with some dresses for your bridesmaids or a mother of the bride dress. If you go to a trunk show where entire collections from designers are showcased, you can usually get between 10 and 15% if you buy a gown at the show. If you see a dress that you love but cannot try it or buy it right away, ask if they can give you the discount anyway.
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How to Improve Your Relationship
Oftentimes, life is so busy that we do not spend time with the ones we love. This can cause your relationship to become stagnant. If you are looking to bring excitement, romance and fun back into your relationship, continue reading. It is filled with advice on how to improve your relationship.
Quality Time
Did you know that you can be in the same room with your significant other and still feel alone? Many times couples can spend hours together but never talk to each other because they are busy. Quality time is time spent engaged in conversation or doing something that both partners enjoy doing.
Date Time
If you and your partner have children, hire a babysitter and go out on a day. Think of what you two like to do and plan a date. Do you enjoy bowling? Go to a bowling alley. If the two of you like to dance, head out to a bar and spend the evening dancing the night away.
Gourmet is the Way to Go
Men love delicious food. If you are looking to woo your special someone, create a dinner that includes all of his favorite dishes. If you are not a great cook, don’t despair. Order his favorite meal from a restaurant and create a romantic dinner by getting out the good china and enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner.
Surprise Your Partner with Love Notes
Men love knowing that they are still loved and you are attracted to him. Write your partner a love note and put it in his briefcase, send him an email or a text message declaring your love for him.
Express Yourself
Let your partner know exactly why you love him. Does your heart still skip a beat when he walks in the room? Does he make you laugh? Tell him why you love him. This is especially important if you have been together for a long time.
Shower Him with Affection
Men love attention and affection. When he walks in the room, smile and lavish him with kisses and affection. Let him know he is gorgeous and you appreciate him.
Plan a Surprise
If both of you lead busy careers, it can be difficult to find time alone. One way to ensure that you two have time together is to plan a surprise vacation. This can be either a long or short trip. Think of places that the two of you will enjoy and begin planning today.
Think Outside the Box
If you are having a difficulty finding time to be together, think outside of the box to find ways to spend more time together. It could be something as simple as going to wash the car together or going shopping together. Here are some good tips on relationships. The important thing is to spend time with one another.
Let Him Hang out with His Buddies
Spending time together is great; however, your partner will enjoy getting to spend the evening with his buddies. Let him know that it is okay to occasionally go out with his friends so long as you two are also spending time together.
Appreciate Him
If your mate helps around the house, let him know how much you appreciate it. If he does a load of laundry without you asking, tell him how thankful you are to have a man that will help out.

If you are looking to improve your relationship, use the tips from this article. These tips offer suggestions on how to spend quality time together to bring romance and fun back into your relationship. 
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A man of few words he let his actions speak, he saw her in ways others could only fathom and he gave light to her greatness. But she begged for those words, just 3 simple words was all she needed to hear to confirm what she
already knew. Yet he dared not address them, you see those words have shifted his world too many times. The quiet submission of those words relinquished him to be easily broken at her whim. When he held her in his eyes she felt every syllable but heard not. She could see the passion barreling from his pupils, yet the silence that echoed seemed to be uncomfortable for her assurance of his heart. She needed those words from a man whose voice had grown meek, but his gestures quite opposite. To him talk was cheap and life had shown him that what you do and don’t do reflects the heart. But for her his actions began to play second fiddle to the desires of her inner ear that needed to hear him confirm what he has shown, confirm what she had seen and felt. He was a man yet he began to lose value over 3 simple words that held great power and also great pain as he had learned in past passions of purpose. He loved her but he knew uttering those words meant losing himself again after he worked so hard to find who he was. The ball seemed to be in his court, and despite his Jordan-esqe effort the game seemed to be on the line and he had one last shot. What would you choose if in his shoes? He gave her the world what more did he have to prove? It seemed these 3 words held him captive yet again and diminished his efforts, the only way he could win is if he was willing to lose. 

POEM BY Shamar_sivad
OUTFIT OF THE DAYDress Trixxi GirlShoes Steve Madden

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Being a model I am always looking for photographers that I want to work with. So by the end of 2017 I want to work with this list of wonderful photographers.its no exception. I want to up the bar in my portfolio by working with photographers that will enhance my modeling career and bring me closer to this is my list of photographers that i want to work with in 2016. 1. HAKIM SOL 

2.  Lance Gross Lance Darnell Gross is an American actor and photographer, best known for his role as Calvin Payne on the TBS sitcom Tyler Perry’s House of Payne,[1] as well as appearing in other Tyler Perry productions such as the Meet The Browns (2008) film and Tyler Perry’s Temptations: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.”

3. Roblo 305
I found this photographer and instantly fall in love with there work so yes they have made #2 on my list of photographers to work with.

I worked with Corsei Photography last year and she had grown so much as a photographer
that you know this year I have to come back and 
work with her again.

I have been following this photographers work for months and I have 
to say I must work with them or ill die!

6.  Ohrangutang I really like this photographers work and would love to shoot with them some time. 

7. Brendan Forbes I have worked with Brendan Forbes last year and like oh my god that was truly a blessing in disgiuse so with that said this has to happen again! 

8. K Rish Photography The dopest and down to earth photographer I have met and a dream come true a must work with again photography. 

9. Edgar MatteyI worked with edgar a few times and every time I shoot with the work always comes out better than the last so yes I must work with him again!

 10.  J Smith RevealedBeing that I have never been to ATL before it would be super fun if I can get the chance to work with this photographer.

 11.  T H TaylorI have def been following this photographers work for quite sometime. So I really have to work with them. 

12.Karl YamashitaProfessional Freelance photo and videographer. I’m published internationally in FHM, American Curves, ModelsMania and a few small magazines.

13.  Jason ForbesIn relation to Brendan Forbes this is a photographer that i follow because of a make up artists that I work with.

 14.  Shamayiam foto I have to say this photographer I have been dying to work with but never actually get the chance to do so. 

 15.  Kaneo Biggs I really have followed this photographer since they first started and now they have there own magazine.

well that’s it for this list I do hope that I get to the chance to work as many of these photographers as possible. <3

Image Map
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We should love all but do we actually


We should love all but do we actually?
What’s at the heart Christian love? Jesus said, “by means of this all will realize that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). John, inspired via the Holy Spirit, once wrote, “We understand that we’ve handed from death to existence, due to the fact we adore the
brethren. He who does now not love his brother abides in death” (1 John 3:14). And “through this we realize that we like the youngsters of God, whilst we love God and hold His commandments. For that is the affection of God, that we hold His commandments. And His commandments aren’t burdensome” (1 John five: 2-three).
Christian Love – is a lifestyle
So, what do those scriptures regarding “Christian love” virtually imply? Is it a warm fuzzy feeling? I do not have a warm fuzzy feeling for all of us I meet, Christian or otherwise — does that suggest I’m not saved? No, a “warm fuzzy feeling” is not the biblical definition for “love”. So, what’s the Biblical definition for romance? Let’s seek the Scriptures and discover… 
In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus elaborates on this “do unto others as you will have them do unto you” principle. He says, “Supplyto anyone who asks of you. And from him who takes away your items do now not ask them returned. And simply as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise. But if you love folks who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love individuals who love them. And in case you do proper to individuals who do desirable to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners do the same. And if you lend to the ones from whom you wish to acquire returned, what credit is that to you? For even sinners lend to sinners to receive as a whole lot again. but love your enemies, do right, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward can be brilliant, and you may be sons of the most high. For he’s type to the unthankful and evil. Consequently be merciful, just as your Father is also merciful” (Luke 6:30-36).
Christian Love is Selfless & Giving Love
Christian love is giving to others those matters which you could need them to give you if you had been in their state of affairs — and it’s doing so even supposing they cannot pay you again. In truth, it’s doing so specifically if they can’t pay you back! Christian love is respect for others. It’s mercy. It’scharity. 
While the King James translators got here upon the Greek phrase agape (God’s Love), in addition to the use of the English word “love” to transliterate it, they regularly selected the English word “charity.” This became meant to boost the idea that agape is a selfless, giving love. God’s Love is unselfish and unconditional. Now we understand what is supposed by Christian love. Now we recognise what to strive for…

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I don’t know what step you need to take next, but I do know which you need to take it. For a number of you, the subsequent step is to simply accept Jesus Christ into your lifestyles. For others, it may be to be baptized. Perhaps you want to join a church, get into a small group, tithe, discover a ministry,
pass on a task journey, or invite a pal to church. I don’t realize what your subsequent step is, however I do know this: you have one. God will never be completed taking you deeper in faith. There is constantly a subsequent step.
At the same time as Faith surely includes the detail of belief, they may be not one and the same. Simply one should accept as true with that something, or a person, exists before it is possible to put one’s faith in that person or component. However, I can trust a few things that do not have an effect on my lifestyle. My beliefs don’t change the way I live my life. The Bible tells us that this form of ‘belief’ isn’t true religion and will not bring about a saving relationship with God.
To place one’s ‘faith’ in something, or someone, manner that one is putting his or her consider in that person or thing. Who or what one trusts will have a far-reaching, even eternal, results. It means reliance on, dependence upon, that man or woman or aspect. I’m able to say that I believe a plane can take me from here to there, but I am afraid to get on it. This show my lack of faith in that planeAdditionally, if I don’t get on the plane, I can’t expect it to take me where I want to go. I have to work out my ‘faith’ in that plane, through boarding it, if I am to receive the advantages it offers.
In case you don’t go forward in faith, you may find it difficult to survive in this world. Your heart will be cold, and you will feel more distant from God. He isn’t going to will help you with step 3, 4, and 5 until you take the first step. In case you’re asking God to help you with something, he’s asking you, “Why haven’t you accomplished what I’ve already told you to do?” you can have “been aiming to” do something. Stop aiming and pull the cause.
There’s only one manner to comply with Jesus on the road: Take the subsequent step. Faith is greater than believing. Faithis more than thinking, speaking, or having convictions approximately Jesus. Faith is motion. It’s miles movement; it is hobby. Faith is something you do.


Women’s White Print V-neck T-shirt, Light Blue Shorts, Black Leather Heeled Sandals on Lookastic: White Print V-neck T-shirt, Light Blue Shorts, Black Leather Heeled Sandals

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