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Bikini BabeTea Review
BikiniBabe Tea is an excellent choice for women who want to reduce their size and look perfect for next summer. If you follow the three steps recommended by Bikini Babe Tea, you can get some amazing results. I tried it following the exact instructions on the plan, and it worked wonders on me.

The 3-step Plan
The 3-step plan proposed by Bikini Babe Tea is very simple. You just have to prepare a different pack of tea to start the day and before you go to sleep. Then, there is a special eating plan. It is not precisely a diet, but a way to balance what you eat. I liked it and found it very practical.
You get the plan for free when you buy the teas. I was not expecting to use it, but I decided to give it a shot, and it was a wise decision. The whole plan helped to detox my body, and I felt much better after going through it. Also, it toned my body, which is what I was looking for in the first place.
The Ingredients on the Morning Tea
The morning tea contains:
·         Green Tea
·         Guarana
·         Lemon Myrtle
·         Nettle leaves
Surprisingly, I felt full of energy after drinking the tea (it is the effect of Guarana). I used to feel hungry shortly after breakfast, but it stopped since the first day I started drinking the tea. That for sure is part of the secret to losing weight.
The Ingredients on the Night Tea
The night tea is designed to detox your body. It is used to purify your organs as it calms you so that you have a better sleep. It has:
·         Dandelion root
·         Licorice root
·         Senna leaves
I woke up fully rested every time I drank the tea. In a way, it is the opposite effect of the morning tea. Instead of keeping me alert, it relaxed me so that the sleeping time was meaningful.
How Much Time to get Results
The Bikini Babe Tea Detox program is designed for 28 days. There are various options according to your needs:
·         28-day tea detox wellness kit
·         28 day transform together duo kits
Both of these are options to have the morning and night tea. It has the exact dose for a month (28 days), which is the recommended period for detoxing.
I had the first option and took it for 28 days. After that period, not just I reduced weight, but I also felt lighter and full of energy. The Bikini Babe Tea works to nourish your body and improve your lifestyle. That means you lose weight in a healthy manner.
The duo kit has the same two teas, but with a double dose. If you have a detoxification partner, that is the best choice, because you would be saving around 30%. I recommend you to find a detoxing partner to save some money on the purchase.
What is Next?
The next step in the Bikini Babe Tea programis to go for maintenance. I am in that phase now. It consists on the 28 Day Morning Body Maintenance Kit. I am taking the tea every day with breakfast. It’s been only 3 days, and so far I can say that my energy levels are boosted. It helps to start a good day and improves my alertness.
The objective of the tea is to promote the metabolic functions to continue burning fat. An additional benefit is it helps to have a healthier skin. The antioxidant amount is the core to the formula to achieve positive results.
The Best Part of the Bikini BabeTea
What I like best of the Bikini Babe products is that they are all natural. There are no added chemicals to spoil the ingredients. The benefits I’ve experienced so far include:
·         I had occasional acne breakouts on my back, and they are all gone.
·         People tell me I look younger. I do not notice it because I see me every day, but it seems there’s some kind of improvement.
·         I used to pee 2-3 times a day. Now, I go an average of 5 times. It seems it is part of the detox process so that all bad things get flushed through the toilet.
·         With certain meals, I used to have gasses, but they are all gone.
·         I sleep and rest better at night.
·         I feel a rush of energy after drinking the tea and throughout the day. It is like a battery recharge.
The Drawbacks of the BikiniBabe Tea
You have to take it every day. When you miss a dose, it is like starting over. I have a friend that saw no results with it, but she later confessed that she had missed some doses. Just don’t forget, and it will work.