I’ve always believed that the quality of our faith in God defines how well we know Him.  
I was raised in a Christian home and at a young age was exposed to bible truths and the importance of salvation.  Looking back, I realized it was easy to believe that there was God, however fully trusting

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Him in all things especially in trying situations in my life then were easier said than done.  To worry is a sign of lack of faith or perhaps faith half baked.  I confess I was that person and still am at times.  However, I thank the Lord for the different circumstances He allowed me to experience for without it I would not have totally understood how it is to trust Him and His will.   
I am still a work in progress.  But because of the trials I have encountered, I have learned to always call upon the Lord in prayer.  I have learned to pray fervently like my life depends on it.   It is through prayer that I also felt God’s presence.  Prayer increased my faith and faith always led me to pray.  I know that no prayer, if with enough faith is beyond God’s ability to answer.  However, it is also our faith that should lead us to accept His will if it should be the opposite of what we want.  I believe accepting God’s will no matter how we perceive it to be unfavorable for us is real faith. 
Indeed, life’s troubles present opportunities for us to grow in faith.  It is in these times when while we are weak and vulnerable that God finds perfect moment to show us His unfailing Love.   Perhaps, it is always best to note that unless we seek God in all of life’s circumstances we lose the opportunity to grow in faith, but if we do, we grow in faith and faith abounds.















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