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We should love all but do we actually


We should love all but do we actually?
What’s at the heart Christian love? Jesus said, “by means of this all will realize that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). John, inspired via the Holy Spirit, once wrote, “We understand that we’ve handed from death to existence, due to the fact we adore the
brethren. He who does now not love his brother abides in death” (1 John 3:14). And “through this we realize that we like the youngsters of God, whilst we love God and hold His commandments. For that is the affection of God, that we hold His commandments. And His commandments aren’t burdensome” (1 John five: 2-three).
Christian Love – is a lifestyle
So, what do those scriptures regarding “Christian love” virtually imply? Is it a warm fuzzy feeling? I do not have a warm fuzzy feeling for all of us I meet, Christian or otherwise — does that suggest I’m not saved? No, a “warm fuzzy feeling” is not the biblical definition for “love”. So, what’s the Biblical definition for romance? Let’s seek the Scriptures and discover… 
In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus elaborates on this “do unto others as you will have them do unto you” principle. He says, “Supplyto anyone who asks of you. And from him who takes away your items do now not ask them returned. And simply as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise. But if you love folks who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love individuals who love them. And in case you do proper to individuals who do desirable to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners do the same. And if you lend to the ones from whom you wish to acquire returned, what credit is that to you? For even sinners lend to sinners to receive as a whole lot again. but love your enemies, do right, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward can be brilliant, and you may be sons of the most high. For he’s type to the unthankful and evil. Consequently be merciful, just as your Father is also merciful” (Luke 6:30-36).
Christian Love is Selfless & Giving Love
Christian love is giving to others those matters which you could need them to give you if you had been in their state of affairs — and it’s doing so even supposing they cannot pay you again. In truth, it’s doing so specifically if they can’t pay you back! Christian love is respect for others. It’s mercy. It’scharity. 
While the King James translators got here upon the Greek phrase agape (God’s Love), in addition to the use of the English word “love” to transliterate it, they regularly selected the English word “charity.” This became meant to boost the idea that agape is a selfless, giving love. God’s Love is unselfish and unconditional. Now we understand what is supposed by Christian love. Now we recognise what to strive for…

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Christians are known for doing some good things: helping the poor, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, uplifting the broken, fighting for justice and many other acts of love.
But Christians are also known for having bad habits and the following are a few habits that every Christian should break out of;  

1. Being Judgmental
One of the few sins Jesus repeatedly warns His followers not to do is be judgmental. Despite this, many Christians mistakenly assume that withholding judgment is a form of accepting, condoning and even affirming sin. But judgment from Christians doesn’t determine whether a particular belief, action or lifestyle is either wrong or righteous in the eyes of God.
2. Running Late: Consider Others, Give Yourself More Time
Philippians 2:4 Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.
When you run late it is a selfish act that says “my time is more important than yours.” Give yourself 10-15 more minutes than usual and eventually you will show up on time. It is better to early and give yourself time, than rush and show up late.
3. Overcomplicating the Love of Jesus
Following Jesus is very hard. It requires sacrifice, humility, service, patience, forgiveness and lots of love. It can be tempting—and much easier—to focus on specific parts of the Bible that don’t require as much endurance, are more flashy, will draw more attention and will instil a greater sense of excitement.
So some of us create a “Christian” platform that becomes our passion. A political agenda, social cause, moral practice or specific theological belief can become central to our faith—overtaking Jesus’ command to love others as yourself.
Thus, we get people who will practically fight to the death over things such as Calvinism, infant baptism and various other causes and doctrines. In and of themselves these things aren’t necessarily bad—everyone has their own convictions about theological issues—but when things are prioritized above Christ’s love, it leads to idolization.
4. Gossiping: Are You A Part of The Problem or Solution?
Proverbs 16:28 A forward man soweth strife: and a whisperer separateth chief friends.
Gossip is a very easy trap to get caught in. It is important to realize if you are a part of the problem or solution. If you are neither, then don’t listen because you don’t need gossip in your life. Do not get involved and tell the person nicely that it is something you don’t need to know.
5. Posting Garbage on Social Media
Posting vitriolic, superficial, and offensive content on our Facebook feeds and Twitter accounts doesn’t glorify God.
Before posting anything, stop and think: “Is this true, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind?”
Ultimately, Jesus is what Christianity is all about, not political platforms, doctrinal disagreements, online religious commentary or ominous prophecies.
This rule has saved me from putting lots of foolish and reactionary content online, and it would do all Christians a world of good to carefully reflect on whether their social commentary is motivated by the love of Christ.
6. Procrastination: Stop Being Lazy
Psalm 119:15-16 I will meditate in thy precepts, and have respect unto thy ways. I will delight myself in thy statutes: I will not forget thy word.
Procrastinating is a terrible habit that can hold off and stop things that we plan to do because we become lazy. It is the complete opposite of diligence. Don’t put things off until last minute, get them done first — even if you don’t enjoy it.
7. Being Hypocritical
It’s easy to talk about God, argue theological issues and post about faith issues on all sorts of communication platforms. But in order to follow Christ, we are required to actually put our words into actions. As the old adage goes, we must practice what we preach.
Unfortunately, too many Christians talk about Christ’s love without actually being loving. Meanwhile, the rest of world witnesses this obvious contradiction and simply stops listening.
8. Being Closed-Minded
The problems listed above are often caused by being closed-minded—not considering, acknowledging or even dialoguing with the infinite amount of diverse factors that exist beyond our own limited experiences.
9. Bad Language and Lying: Become a Different Person, Use Different Words
Ephesians 4:22-24 That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; And be renewed in the spirit of the mind; And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.
It is nearly impossible to follow the Ten Commandmentsperfectly throughout our entire life. But, we can do our best to keep our eyes upon Jesus and walk with the Spirit. When we choose to walk in the Spirit rather than the flesh we will always choose the good thing (Gal 5:16-17).
*Please note that the following sources have been used for research:



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Technically there is no verse against being a model or being sexy. The bible says we are saved by faith and not by our actions. Nevertheless, in reality it is more complex than we think.
Jesus has called us to turn from our ways to follow him completely and to be transformed by him. If Abraham did notobey God’s Words and stayed in his comfort zone with his family, would he have experience so much abundance from God? If he could manage to love God with all his heart, read the word, know Him and still refused to leave his home, it would be an awe.
Romans 12:2 says: “Don’t copy the behaviour and customs to this world, but the God transform you into a few person by changing the way you think.” So being a part of an industry that encourages and thrives on lust is probably not what God would want for our lives; even if the model believes that it is up To her and God.
Often times associating with a particular industry can show that you endorse it. To put this in consideration, in all professions, Christians need to work out where their ethics lies; they need to evaluate if they can be actively serve God and work for their employer; or if their workplace undermines their faith.
Regardless of morality of the companies we work for God’s love will never change. For Christianity to have great impact in the world we need to infiltrate all industries as well as places that fit more with Christian morals. 
One great thing about being a Christian model and working in a commoner environment is that you can impact the place by your conversations, attitude and diligence and just loving the people you work with. But in order to follow Jesus and show the treasure, we need to be responsible about the places we put ourselves in and the things we do. If we are in places that lead us and others to sin then we are in the wrong place. For instance, posing in lingerie means someone else is going to look lustfully at the picture and in Matthew 5:28; Jesus specifically defines this as a sin. We need to guard our hearts and the hearts of others. 
The action of modelling lingerie itself is not an issue but it is the purpose, place and usage of that image. God would be all for it between a husband and wife, and not for the amusement of the whole world. 
At the end of the day there is a line that we need to pray and figure out where we as Christians stand. We should figure out how we can navigate the work place to give God the glory that he deserves; and to recognise that God is the ultimate boss and not our employers.



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Are you troubled by the lack of concentration when it’s time for Bible Study? Are you finding it difficult to focus on yourBible reading due to disturbing thoughts of what you would like to munch on, thoughts of tomorrow’s outfit choice or just any other topic that you can think of that is usuallyalternating; going back and forth in your brain? This means that you are easily distractible. But with a whole lot of prayer you can be able to fight the frustration and the feelingsinadequacy that is associated with the challenge of losing interest in Bible Studying. Today I want share some tips you can use to get the most out of your Bible Study.

1. Open with Prayer. This is a way of asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that you can be able to grasp the deep and meaningful truths of the revelation which concerns the character or works of our heavenly father. 
2. Partner up. Have an accountable partner. This is a person who will not only encourage you, but will go through the Bible study session with you, and also be willing to call you out if necessary. This is a tried and tested method of success that has been used by many people.
3. Really read the Bible. You have to read the whole Bible and passages relevant to the knowledge being emphasized in the particular study. When you read the whole Bible book involved in the study you can be able get the overall picture and sense of the total message and its impact.
4. Keep notes of your studies. At first it can feel like you are doing too much admin so it is important that you make memorable notes that take out the work out of this task. You can be creative and make bullet points prayers or even divide your journal into topics; or any other way that will help you to focus and have fun with it.
5. Make it enjoyable. Align the Bible Study time with one of your favourite activities as this can help you to focus more. It can also help you to relax and find Bible studying more pleasurable. 
6. Get rid of your gadgets. These include cell phones, television, iPads, mp3, etc. These causes major distractions; for instance, it can be difficult to ignore you phone when it rings; TV can steal your attention by showing your favourite shows so it is best when it off than on mute.
7. Choose a time that best suits your needs. Timing is everything because it will increase your consistency. Your Bible Studies have to be on the same time every day, be it in the morning or evening, either way you get to spend time with your heavenly father.
8. Have a set out plan. Yes, it is understandable that we want to keep our Bible Study spontaneous but taking The Bible Book and simply opening a random section will not help. It is best to go by it topic by topic or Book by Book as long as you are keeping the consistency. 
I believe that these are simple tips that will keep you enticed in your Bible Study and in your journey to build a closer relationship with God.



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How to find balance in your emotions
Between work, tasks, errands and chores that we accumulate during the day, it is easy for us to feel like we need to work 25 hours, seven days a week just to keep up. Everything on that instance becomes urgent and this may leave us overwhelmed therefore, it is important to have emotional balance because there is no end to the onslaught of modern life.

Being emotionally balanced means that you are allowing yourself to experience your feelings as they evolve bynot avoiding or suppressing them, also you are not being so attached to them and also not recognising that they are all-consuming. Emotional balance occurs when we allow ourselves to feel whatever comes up, without being overwhelmed by it, and learn to accept our feelings without judgment.
It is understandable that nobody wants to feel pain but avoiding it is not the answer. Our wishful thinking tells us that if we can just avoid the pain, it won’t affect us. Ironically, efforts to keep painful thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations at bay may work temporarily, at the end of the da, you have to deal with these challenges at some stageThe harder you work to avoid pain, the greater your suffering tends to be.
The following are several levels of awareness that might help you to cultivate your emotional balance.
1. Become consciously aware of the emotions you are experiencing. Although you may not understand or know what the feeling is, it is important to simply notice and acknowledge that you have some feeling.
2. Try to identify the particular emotion. Close your eyes, turn your focus inward, and allow yourself to experience that emotion in your body. Different emotions are typically experienced in different parts of the body. For example, anger might manifest as tightness in your neck and shoulders, sadness as an aching in your chest, fear as a knot in your stomach, and joy as warmth in your heart.
3. Put the emotion into words. “I’m feeling anxious.” “I’m feeling angry.” “I’m feeling sad.” Putting the emotions you experience into words by making these simple self-statements can create the space you can use to respond intentionally rather than react automatically and unconsciously.
Emotional balance can be achieved by practicing emotional regulation and distress tolerance. Emotional regulation relates to identifying the emotions that are being felt in the moment, and observing them without being overwhelmed by them. Emotional regulation skills include self-soothing activities that help to reduce emotional intensity and provide a calming effect, such as: meditation, intentional breathing, yoga, listening to music you enjoy, progressive muscle relaxation, taking a walk or a hike, reading something pleasurable or spiritual, singing a favourite song, exercising, visualizing a comforting/relaxing image, journaling, etc.
Emotions, especially powerful, disturbing ones, can seem as though they will last forever. However, whether they are positive and bring smiles to our face and laughter to our lips, or painful and bring hurt to our hearts and tears to our eyes, feelings are always temporary. They come and go. Sometimes they leave sooner than we would like; other times they stay way past the point when we want them to leave, but eventually they all leave.
Lastly we have to be prepared to let go of your attachments to any particular outcome so that you can be open to something bigger than you have ever imagined. Learn that to yield does not mean that you lose and be willing to compromise. Let life lead you down unexpected turns and you will discover magic in the most ordinary places.



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