Technically there is no verse against being a model or being sexy. The bible says we are saved by faith and not by our actions. Nevertheless, in reality it is more complex than we think.
Jesus has called us to turn from our ways to follow him completely and to be transformed by him. If Abraham did notobey God’s Words and stayed in his comfort zone with his family, would he have experience so much abundance from God? If he could manage to love God with all his heart, read the word, know Him and still refused to leave his home, it would be an awe.
Romans 12:2 says: “Don’t copy the behaviour and customs to this world, but the God transform you into a few person by changing the way you think.” So being a part of an industry that encourages and thrives on lust is probably not what God would want for our lives; even if the model believes that it is up To her and God.
Often times associating with a particular industry can show that you endorse it. To put this in consideration, in all professions, Christians need to work out where their ethics lies; they need to evaluate if they can be actively serve God and work for their employer; or if their workplace undermines their faith.
Regardless of morality of the companies we work for God’s love will never change. For Christianity to have great impact in the world we need to infiltrate all industries as well as places that fit more with Christian morals. 
One great thing about being a Christian model and working in a commoner environment is that you can impact the place by your conversations, attitude and diligence and just loving the people you work with. But in order to follow Jesus and show the treasure, we need to be responsible about the places we put ourselves in and the things we do. If we are in places that lead us and others to sin then we are in the wrong place. For instance, posing in lingerie means someone else is going to look lustfully at the picture and in Matthew 5:28; Jesus specifically defines this as a sin. We need to guard our hearts and the hearts of others. 
The action of modelling lingerie itself is not an issue but it is the purpose, place and usage of that image. God would be all for it between a husband and wife, and not for the amusement of the whole world. 
At the end of the day there is a line that we need to pray and figure out where we as Christians stand. We should figure out how we can navigate the work place to give God the glory that he deserves; and to recognise that God is the ultimate boss and not our employers.
























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