Are you troubled by the lack of concentration when it’s time for Bible Study? Are you finding it difficult to focus on yourBible reading due to disturbing thoughts of what you would like to munch on, thoughts of tomorrow’s outfit choice or just any other topic that you can think of that is usuallyalternating; going back and forth in your brain? This means that you are easily distractible. But with a whole lot of prayer you can be able to fight the frustration and the feelingsinadequacy that is associated with the challenge of losing interest in Bible Studying. Today I want share some tips you can use to get the most out of your Bible Study.

1. Open with Prayer. This is a way of asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that you can be able to grasp the deep and meaningful truths of the revelation which concerns the character or works of our heavenly father. 
2. Partner up. Have an accountable partner. This is a person who will not only encourage you, but will go through the Bible study session with you, and also be willing to call you out if necessary. This is a tried and tested method of success that has been used by many people.
3. Really read the Bible. You have to read the whole Bible and passages relevant to the knowledge being emphasized in the particular study. When you read the whole Bible book involved in the study you can be able get the overall picture and sense of the total message and its impact.
4. Keep notes of your studies. At first it can feel like you are doing too much admin so it is important that you make memorable notes that take out the work out of this task. You can be creative and make bullet points prayers or even divide your journal into topics; or any other way that will help you to focus and have fun with it.
5. Make it enjoyable. Align the Bible Study time with one of your favourite activities as this can help you to focus more. It can also help you to relax and find Bible studying more pleasurable. 
6. Get rid of your gadgets. These include cell phones, television, iPads, mp3, etc. These causes major distractions; for instance, it can be difficult to ignore you phone when it rings; TV can steal your attention by showing your favourite shows so it is best when it off than on mute.
7. Choose a time that best suits your needs. Timing is everything because it will increase your consistency. Your Bible Studies have to be on the same time every day, be it in the morning or evening, either way you get to spend time with your heavenly father.
8. Have a set out plan. Yes, it is understandable that we want to keep our Bible Study spontaneous but taking The Bible Book and simply opening a random section will not help. It is best to go by it topic by topic or Book by Book as long as you are keeping the consistency. 
I believe that these are simple tips that will keep you enticed in your Bible Study and in your journey to build a closer relationship with God.























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