You know the hardest thing for me to do is too communicate. It’s not that I don’t want to do it, but growing up it wasn’t easy because I was never given a safe place to communicate. The result of that caused me to turn to writing out how I felt and becoming a better writer than speaker.

When it came to problems with my friendships I avoided them at all costs. I didn’t know how to express to them hey you did xyz and this why I am mad at you. Within reason I always wrote letters, that of course translated to every relationship I had with a guy. You can imagine how much of a problem that is.

When you are growing up and don’t have a safe place to express yourself it causes you to have problems in your relationships, friendships and social life. I am writing this status because I am 1000% positive that someone else probably feels and or felt the same. So while I have a problem with communicating how I feel to a certain someone, I am turning this into a positive by allowing myself to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable with you guys means that I can accept that I have things that I have to work on and show you guys that I am not perfect. But also inspire you guys to keep going in all of your glory and imperfections. While I am working on many things, I am perfectly ok with being imperfect. I am just not ok with the fact that I can’t tell this person that I have very strong feelings for them because I am scared.