Amika products are like a good friend – straightforward, dependable, and fun to spend time with. We are kind-of obsessed with this “super-fruit” Sea BuckthorBerry, so we include it in every haircare and styling product. They are always on a quest for new technologies and ingredients to deliver high-performing products, even replacing ingredients when better alternatives are available. Their products are vegetarian friendly, cruelty free and free from (sulfates, MIT, MCI, Phthalates)

and their products include the following: Besties, Haircare, ,Wash ,Treatment, Styling ,Finish ,Fragrance ,Accessories ,Tools ,Brushes and Sets. I Love this product! A little expensive but worth it, and good quality.  Here are my thoughts on the amika Leave in Conditioner Cream, Oil Treatment and Perk Up Dry Shampoo. 

Amika Leave in Conditioner Cream moisturizes hair and eliminates frizz while providing a soft hold resulting in the texture needed for styling. For sustained repair, shine, protection and control. Amika Oil Treatment nourishes and strengthens hair while eliminating frizz. The treatment deeply conditions and restores shine while providing protection against environmental and sun damage. The molecules in the formula penetrate the hair’s surface to get to the cortex. This process enables the oil treatment to seal split ends while improving shine, elasticity and nourishment. It is also perfect for providing protection before and after blow drying and is used to help reduce blow drying time. The oil treatment can also be added to enhance other conditioning or styling products. Your Styling Multi-Vitamin. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo cleanses by absorbing excess oil and dirt that weighs hair down. The light weight formula creates texture, adds volume and deodorizes to refresh hair between shampoos with no chalky residue. Unlike other dry shampoos that use talc, the amika Perk Me Up Dry Shampoo uses only natural rice starch to absorb oil. The extract conditions hair leaving it soft and manageable. For Every day, Lightweight Conditioning.
 Amika hair products are my favorites although my hair is quite long and fairly thick, and due to the length, the ends are naturally a little drier than the rest of the hair. So when I wash my hair, usually every second day, I always without fail, use a leave in conditioner to give it a little extra moisture. But finding one that is not too heavy and doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy if you add just a smidge too much, can often be tricky. But not with this Leave in Cream from amika. It is very lightweight, and just a pump or two worked through my mid-lengths and ends, leaves my hair feeling so soft and noticeably more hydrated, clearly sealing the cuticles to prevent any moisture loss. For an extra boost of moisture, you can also add a few drops of the Oil Treatment into the leave-in conditioner before spreading through the hair. The Leave in cream among others contains acetyl alcohol, which is derived from coconut oil and provides moisturisation and gloss to hair while it softens and smooths damaged cuticles. It also contains dimethazone, which unfortunately is a silicone often used in conditioners and treatments. Over time it can build up in the hair, but I have as yet not noticed this happening. It claims to form a barrier on the hair that smooths down the cuticle, providing anti frizz benefits, as well as protecting the hair against thermal treatments and prevents moisture loss. Apart from their money guaranty, what actually drag me into purchasing amika products was this particular reviews which was “repair some heat/color damage of hair”. I really love the consistency of the amika products, they’re just the best.