Although despite the fact that I have used a lot of products, in regards to my hair treatment, I still have not find a certain product that makes my hair look good, especially in adding a little touch up of makeup. With this I purchased a lot of products from inahsi elite shop, products such as free sample packet of aloe hibiscus leave in conditioner, coconut avocado curl defining custard 20z,tropical escape cowash 160z,tropical escape cowash 80z,tropical escape cowash20z ,soothing mints

sulfate free shampoo from inahsi elite shop in regards to a lot of review concerning the product like “I’m so confident you will like the product that I’m so happy to make this bold promise that if you did not see result or happy for any reason, I insist on giving you a full, hassle free no questions and asked refund” thus this is to let customer know that the product comes with money back guarantee, which is definitely a sign that this product is a safe investment. Though if you want a perfect and best hair treatment ever, this product is made for you, the product was definitely for you, it was made for you because of it different unique features.

Words can´t describe how happy I am to have found a product that I like for my curly and long hair. I am still amazed by the fact that my hair did not shrink. It looks healthy and shiny!
This shampoo is a winner in my book…Plus the ingredients are stellar and I couldn’t be happier. A little bit literally goes a long way and the smell is amazing. I loved the tingling sensation and how clean my hair and scalp fell without being stripped. My hair was left very moisturized, soft and manageable. Plus, the ingredients are stellar and I couldn’t be happier with using this shampoo on my natural kinky hair.
This is the BEST leave-in conditioner I have EVER used…Thank you Inahsi for this product. It makes my hair so soft. Don’t ever stop making this product. It detangles, softens and smooths. Smells wonderful with a scent that doesn’t linger. Thank you Inahsi for this product.
This conditioner is great. The smell is the same as the shampoo and leaves my scalp all tingly and feeling wonderful. You can’t go wrong with the ingredients on any of the products because they are all natural and an amazing combination. My hair was left, soft, moisturized and smelling so good after using this. I rinsed with cool water and my hair looked and felt so great that I probably could have gone without deep conditioning BUT me being the faithful healthy natural girl, I couldn’t skip that process but I definitely could have. This conditioner along with the rest of the products are here to stay. Thank you Inahsi Naturals for making some of the best natural products I have ever used on my hair and my families’ hair! I can’t wait to see/try what you come up with next!
This custard smells great, has great ingredients and is a great consistency! It makes my curls pop and I definitely love the way it makes our daughter’s hair look when she does her wash and goes. Her hair looks like she has no product in it, but left looking hydrated, with a natural shine and her natural highlights are left very noticeable which we love. It also made her hair very light and bouncy and every individual curl could be seen. This is the BEST custard I have ever used on my hair and our daughter’s for a wash n go. We have been using this for 2 years now and it is safe to say that every product Inahsi Naturals has to offer is on our holy grail list permanently. I couldn’t be happier with having the opportunity to try out these products a couple of years ago and too see them advancing makes me even more happy. I’m a customer for life!
I have been using this leave-in for almost 2 years now and it is by far THE BEST leave-in ever! This one of the first products I tried from Inahsi Naturals! I have been using this leave-in for almost 2 years now and it is by far THE BEST leave-in ever! The smell will have you wanting to eat it and the way it makes my hair feel, makes me fall in love with it even more. My hair is always left feeling soft, moisturized, looking and feeling hydrated as well as smelling GOOD!!! Plus, having natural ingredients throughout is a win and my hair absolutely loves it. Also I love the texture of this leave-in. It has a silky creamy feel and glides onto my strands with ease.


                Love these products! A little expensive but worth it.