Although despite the fact that I have used a lot of phones, in regards to taking selfies, I still have  not  find  a certain smart phone that makes my pictures look good ,especially in adding a  little touch up of makeup . With this I purchased a product known as usb rechargeable led selfie ring light from  from impressions vanity Company in regards to a lot of review concerning the product like

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“I’m so confident you will like the product that I’m so happy to make this bold promise that if you did not see result or happy for any reason, I insist on giving you a full, hassle free no questions and asked refund” thus this is to let customer know that the product comes with money back guarantee, which is definitely a sign that this product is a safe investment. Usb rechargeable led selfie ring light is best use in taking the perfect selfie or quick makeup touch-ups with a phone camera anywhere ,anytime with the impression vanity glow me 2.0 usb rechargeable led selfie ring light, it’s also like having your vanity light for 24/7. And also people who are fond or seek pleasure in sitting all through without standing even just for a minute. The usb rechargeable led selfie ring which are usually gotten from, is usually  bright with light color to make your selfie pop quickly and add perfect lighting to your quick  phone camera touch up 3 levels of selfie light intensity for any occasion securely clip onto all smart phone and tablets. Models  works great with both  and back camera ,powered by 2AAA batteries ,the product was produced by impression vanity  and are usually marketed on and also ships and sold by,this product is usually ship on orders above over $35.00 is also called amazon ,is an American electronics commerce and cloud computing company  that was founded on July 5,1994 by Jeff Bezos and is based in Seattle ,Washington also amazon is the ninth largest company that has the largest number of employer in the us with 341,000 employees, amazon  web services [aws] is a compressive ,evolving cloud computing platform .The first two of this were launched in 2006 to provide online services for websites and clients side application. This usb rechargeable led selfie ring has some features which makes it very perfect and unique, thus include a bright white light color to make your selfie pop, also it quickly add perfect lighting to your phone camera ,and more of it is that are usually powered by 2aaa batteries .the product usb rechargeable led light selfie ring thus include the following product information black ,which includes its weight to be of 2.4ounces ,usb led recharge light selfie ring has  dimension which are usually 3*3*0.8 inches per product ,usb led rechargeable light selfie ring model number is led selfie ring light ,this product was first available ,in the year 2016,despite the fact that usb led rechargeable light selfie ring is the better  and perfect in aspect of selfie and adding a little makeup touch ,there is also a  product know as ring light camera (rechargeable battery)selfie led camera light (36led) are actually for iPhone, iPod ,Samsung galaxy  and also a photography phone ,in which makes the usb led rechargeable light selfie  ring  to be more unique and perfect than the ring light camera selfie led camera light ,there are also  some features in which it has, they thus include the ability of it to be able to be recharge with usb cord ,which prevent battery replacement also it possess four level natural lighting , in which include higher quality  photos for social media ,and finally ,it is easier to use with universal clip ,because it is compatible with all kind of phones , all types of tablet products  and all types of laptop products, also the  ring light camera selfie led camera light include some details which makes it more differ from usb rechargeable led selfie ring, although both the ring light camera  selfie led camera and the usb rechargeable led selfie ring both does the same work of making selfie to have a  pop and quick adding  of  perfect lighting to your quick phone camera ,and also makes your selfie colorful through it adding a  little makeup touch ,with this I think the fact still remains that the usb rechargeable led light selfie ring will give you a  perfect work of  selfie ring which will suite your desire and purpose of using it ,because of the features it possess. Though the ring light camera selfie led camera thus contain the following features and details ,which includes recharging with usb cord ,this ring light camera selfie led camera includes a built in recharge battery so that ,so with this extra batteries are not needed, thus saves money and free from annoying battery replacement ,it also possess  brightness  adjustable ,four level light setting for various uses ,make up, selfie photos ,dark scenery logging allows the ring light to highlight you and darken everything behind you ,it also possess compacts and light weight ,pocket sized and extremely compact ,it will not take much space in the bag ,it is take able to anywhere and record  all happy moments in your life, it is also Fantastic for Night Time or Dark Rooms. It helps enhance and brighten up your face for that perfect selfie. No more having to run around the house looking for the perfect spot in your house to take a photo or make your make up tutorials. This products also has an amazing features which is 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE. Who hasn’t taken a selfie and ever said I wish I had more light? Well, this little camera ring was made for that. If you’re not happy with it for whatever reason, which is the guarantee a new replacement plus no-hassle money back. the product usb rechargeable led light selfie ring thus include the following product information white, which thus include the product usb rechargeable led light selfie ring with the Product Dimension of about 3.3 x 1.1 x 3.3 inches per  product, also the  product usb rechargeable led light selfie ring has an Item Weight of 1 ounces. the product usb rechargeable led light selfie ring Shipping Weight is 2.9 ounces and the product usb rechargeable led light selfie ring Manufacturer is QAYA ASIN B01HXTHPXU, with the Manufacturer reference of QAYA-TVLZZJ0021 and also you can clip it on while you have a case on. The clip is large enough to fit all phones. It is not adjustable. It is like a clip you use to close a bag of chips you will absolutely love the Ring Light. It has 3 settings to make the light brighter. It’s cool how it can attach to your computer, phone, and tablet. It’s rechargeable, so no batteries needed. The only thing I wish it included was a longer USB cord. I love to use it for added light when I use my webcam on my computer. It makes a big difference. If you’re considering buying this light you should get it because you will not be disappointed. You can clip it anywhere extra light is needed. This is get to capture those selfies or making YouTube videos. The light is bright and does not get hot. If I have helped you decide on to buy or not buy that is fantastic. Item was just as described. Provides very good lighting and improves picture quality for portraits/selfies. One thing to note: it is smaller than the ring lights commonly used by beauty bloggers/you tubers, so the ring will not reflect completely around the outside of the pupil. This small, powerful selfie light is a wonderful find! Attached to my phone, it takes lovely pictures picking up true colors & enhancing the sparkle of my glitters and holographic nail polishes. I have also clipped it to a small tripod. It provides the correct amount of assisted lighting I needed to film my Nail Art Tutorials. I love it and am considering purchasing another to round out the lighting in my filming area. I love this light! I am a hair stylist, and makeup artist so I photograph all of my work. This is one of the best tools I have ever purchased. I never realized how important different toned lighting options were for pictures, and this makes a world of difference! Love this thing! A little expensive but worth it. It’s easy to carry around, and it didn’t smash in my purse even though I sat on it. It also works great in pitch black dark. My friend has the selfie light case, and this works better. She even says she wishes she got this instead. I love how you can take it off and clip onto anything that needs light, not just phones. The multiple light selection is also great, I previously ordered a cheaper brand, and happy it didn’t turn on. Don’t hesitate to order this ring light. Though if you want perfect and best selfie ever, this product is for you, the product was definitely for you, it was made for you