Year in and year out we always set goals and resolutions that we hope to achieve throughout the year. But as the year goes by, it gets very difficult for us to follow through with our plans and that can be very frustrating as we discover that achieving goals is more than just saying or writing what we desire; but being committed, focused and consistent. To avoid the frustration, there is a better way for us to achieve our goals and that is through God and there are scriptures that can lead us in the right direct. Let’s look at Philippians 3:14; “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” 
We have to desire the best so that we can be able to train and exercise harder during the offseason so that we can prepare our minds and bodies to reach our goal for the upcoming season. We have to pray and be disciplined through the waiting period in the God will take us to the Promised Land (the achievement of our goals).
In order for us to achieve our goals we have to make sure that they are in alignment with God’s words and understand His vision for our lives. We should not look at goal setting and achievement in the eyes of the world as that would be defying the laws of our Father. When we set goals according to God’s vision for our life, we will be more focused, creative and be energised to keep pressing on. Most importantly we will be less stressed. 
Achievement through God need us to have deepest desire which will give us energy to carryon. Without desire we can’t really achieve our goals because then they become wishes which never come true. We have always be taught that we can have anything that we want, but truth is, we can’t have everything we want but only what we need.
We must have enhanced faith, not only to belief but to know that all that we do will come to pass. We should expect it and it will happen. The most important characteristic is to change our habit. Make achieving our goal a priority/a habit. We have to keep working on it until it comes to pass. We have to maintain our reality. We also have to cheerful put effort into achieving our goals because we are confident that the rewards will be worth it. Our intention can literally our lives as we make our goals into a reality as our minds will be 100% focused into achieving your goals.













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