An easy definition of religion is that religion is man’s try to reach God. Being spiritual is opening ourselves to God’s impact on our entire being. Let us see the difference between these aspects.
Religion focuses on what pleases man. Being spiritual focuses on what pleases God. In our generation, what we see people do is what they believe to be right according to their religion. A lot of changes are made to what is spiritual in the eyes of the lord to suit a religion. People do amazing things; artist create the best art. Poets, writers and singers play with words to soothe their souls all in the name of religion. People tend to choose churches through their size, location, and visibility inside the community. Part of this judgment is how properly the minister of the church entertains the congregation. A great speaker can bring a lot of people into the church as long as he does not offend and brings lots of humour to his listeners. The mega churches of our day are groups that have found out this formulation and do it properly.
The New Testament indicates spirituality as a vivid alternative to religion. John the Baptist and Jesus did not come to the world as smooth-talking, sharp-dressing, aesthetically-attractive individuals. Paul worked as a tentmaker and Peter turned into a fisherman. The early Christians were not the wheelers and dealers of their time.
Religion follows man’s requirements whilst spirituality follows God’s requirements.
Religion involves feelings and externals while spirituality includes the complete being. Religion has a tendency to tell humans to react to their emotions and express them visibly. In In today’s modern times, there’s an emphasis on wearing things that angry individual express their convictions and doing things which are dominated by using their feelings. This is done by preacher who don’t teach these people how to stay motivated even when they are alone
Spirituality involves one’s total self in their relationship withGod. The Christians in 2 Corinthians 8: 3-6 have been identified by means of Paul as being of special spiritual nature due to the fact they gave themselves to God. The image we get of church inside the first century is not of entertaining preachers in fancy homes, but human beings assembly collectively regularly in houses–sharing their burdens and needs and supporting one another within the demanding situations of everyday existence.
While we look at the teaching of Jesus and the apostles, we see very little appeal to feelings. Jesus used parables which required His listeners to suppose and purpose. A lot of His coaching was to have His situation country an understanding after which He would complicated on it. Paul spent over a year at a school (Acts 19:9) and reasoned with the human beings in terms where they may think. Whilst he saw the artefacts of worship on Mars Hill in Acts 17:28, he declared God to be a God in whom we stay and pass and feature our being. 
















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