Show up

Show up, i keep hearing those two simple words everywhere I go and from everyone i know. I have to show up to get paid, show up to church, show up and pray more, show up on social media, show up and go to therapy. In other words i need to be consistent because i have been slacking and not doing what i am supposed to be doing because well let’s face it i have been distracted.

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nud wear


Nudwear customer service was exceptional and it will be being exceptional forever. Nudwear uses medical-grade adhesive that can be used over and over again. It didn’t lose its shape or stickiness, even after it was hand-washed five times in the lab all of our testers were happy with it, saying it was easy to put on, fit well, and wasn’t visible under clothes Nudwear is an all American brand inspired by a new generation of women who are free, independent, multi-faceted, and full of life. Ingenious! You can reuse both the bras and the cases. Talk about efficiently and earth friendliness. Awesome! (more…)

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You Are What You Speak

Have you ever noticed that the way you speak match the right person you are? yah, words have power. The tongue, even though among the smallest of all the members of the body (James 3:5) can do the most damage.  I remember hearing words like “You can’t do that.  You’ll never amount to nothing.  You are so worthless” and those words stuck long and went deep.  The old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” is completely untrue.  Wounds from sticks and stones can heal but often words wound us deeper than any superficial wounds and are sometimes next to impossible to heal. (more…)

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Pour Moi Beauty products are in fact, has a specific purpose throughout the formulation of this skin care line. Ulli, the founder of Pour Moi skin care line was originally from Vienna and moved the United States in her late twenties to pursue the American Dream. Her mission, was to help people feel comfortable in their own skin, as she had to discover with her own. She recalls a time that she was in a high-end department store and purchased the most expensive Swiss skin care she could find – and noticed results almost immediately. She describes feelings of feeling better already and this created the ‘lightbulb’ moment, or ripple effect of what was to come. Pour Moi carries a multitude of various products for your skin. 1. Black Ritual are designed for Dry Skin Types.


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