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Bible journaling – a creative process of making art in your Bible as a way to connect with scripture and with God.
Your Bible doesn’t have to be perfect or even pretty AND you don’t need to spend a bunch of money on supplies.
You can absolutely use the Bible you already have to begin Bible Journaling. But if you want more space, you can check out several budget friendly journaling Bibles.
There are basic things that we can do when we are journaling:
• Write prayers in the margins. (Remember to date the prayers- and come back later to add the answer and date answered!)
• Write what God speaks into your heart as you read a passage.
• Write sermon notes beside the scripture reference.
• Still not sure where to start? Here are some more great ideas:
• Keep doing what you are doing! Find some quiet time. When you are inspired to remember a verse or point, then write or illustrate in your Bible next to the scripture you studied that day.
• Use your concordance to read the Bible by topic. Choose a topic you want to learn more about and follow those verses through the Bible.
• If you read Christian living books, write or illustrate in your Bible next to the references that speak to you.
Now I am going to share some tips from Sara Laughed who is a lover of bile journaling.
#Tip 1Understanding what it’s all about
Alright, guys, let’s get one thing clear: Bible journaling is not about making the most beautiful art. I, myself, am guilty of wanting to make something really beautiful and impressive for the sake of, well… making something really beautiful and impressive. But that’s is not the right attitude – not in Bible journaling and not in life. Bible journaling isn’t about the outcome, it’s about the process. Focus on connecting with scripture and your belief, and the skill will come with time.
#Tip 2: Having the right tools
All you need to Bible journal is a Bible and a pen. If you want to expand a little bit, you can try coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, paints, stickers, washi tapes, and more. But to start out, all you need is “scripture and a scribbler.” 
I use the Black ESV Single Column Journaling Bible by Crossway. I like that the pages are cream-colored, with lots of margin room that comes faintly lined. Here is an example blank spread, with some “ghosting” (when pens or highlighters show through the page a little) shown on the left side.
#Tip 3: Finding a verse
Alright, so you have your Bible, your pen(s), and maybe some extras, like paints, stamps, or stickers. The next thing to do is find a verse.
Bible journaling can be a little scary, especially if you’re not used to writing in your Bible before. For that reason, I recommend starting off with a verse that you know well and that means a lot to you. Starting with a verse that you are very familiar with helps take away some level of discomfort when it comes to journaling in your Bible for the first time, and it will help you come up with an idea faster. At the same time, if you choose your absolute favourite verse, it may be difficult to come up with a design that includes everything it means to you. For that reason, choose one you know well and like, but maybe not the verse you’d paint on your living room ceiling.
#Tip 4: Getting started
Alright, here comes the exciting part! Now that you have your tools and verse, and you’re excited to get going, it’s time to get started. Everyone has a different process for how they do this; you may want to pray first, or just get started; you may prefer to do some background research on the verse you’re doing so that you can add detail (that’s me – nerd alert!). In the end, what it comes down to is mustering up the courage to put pen to paper and make something that expresses how you feel. This is my process for the actual journaling process:
Reflect on the verse. Read it over a few times; maybe do a little background research. Let it sink into my bones. I think about the parts of the verse that mean something to me, and then I try to figure out how I can represent them in art.
Sketch it out with a pencil. I like to use a simple mechanical pencil to do my sketching so that I don’t make any permanent mistakes!
Outline it with pen. I use my skinny Pigma Microns to do this, as they don’t bleed through the paper.
Fill it in with colourNext, I use gel pens, colouredpencils, and watercolour pencils to add colour and dimension to my design!
*For more information, please check out the following links.
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What does it really mean to write for Christ? How exactly do you write for Christ? Does your story have to be out-right religious or blatantly about God in order to write for Christ?
Writing for God is all about reflecting on his character by Glorifying Him. God is everywhere and anywhere at any given time therefore we don’t always have to state the obvious when we write.
Before we even start to write the article, we should think about the truth. We should be able to tell a story without being fictional but only using your skills and techniques to get the message across. Yes we should be creative but we shouldn’t beat down our storyline. Furthermore, we should pray for guidance before we even start writing your story. We should bring out spiritual or character building principles that the reader can put into practice their life.
Our work has to be good quality and perfect just as our father is perfect. Of course, we will never be able to attain perfection, and getting frustrated with our work will not help things. Sometimes, the only way we can get better, is to let ourselves practice. Practice is the only way we can get better. So we don’t have to be perfect to reflect God. We just have to do our best, and always strive to get better, never resting on our laurels. That honours God.
We should also reflect God through our demonstration of His truth. Anything that is true is of God. Jesus said He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). God is described as “the Spirit of Truth,” (John 16:3). God is truth; therefore, by writing about and displaying truth, we are writing for Christ; displaying the real and ultimate truth. 
By writing a story with a moral showing that truth is truth, regardless of what people believe, you are writing for Christ.
By writing stories displaying and promoting Hope, Joy, Courage, Perseverance, Humility, Faith, Altruism, Peace, Mercy, Grace, etc. we are writing for Christ because we are reflecting the character of God. We may or may not include God in our writing, by name, but by displaying His truths and saying, “this is true,” we are putting God in our writing, and we are writing for Christ.
Also, if we strive to write for Christ, we will not be writing alone. If we abandon ourselves to God, then He can use us for His glory. He will guide us as we craft and develop our stories.
If you think about it, there are infinite ways to write for Christ and to glorify God. By writing for God, glory will not only be brought to Him, but we will be taking part in the spreading of God’s kingdom on earth. We can spread truth, and free the culture from its pervasive lies.
The beautiful reality is people are starving for these kinds of stories, and not just Christians. Truth and reality are far more wonderful than the fake. By combiningGod’s truth with a high quality story, we can write novels which deeply impact Christians and non-Christians alike. 
*Article references



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“In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch”. – Psalm 5:3

1. Study the Word of God. Don’t just read it. Study it. Study means digging into the Word, delving into its deeper meanings, applying it to your life.
2. Memorize the Word of God. Hiding God’s Word in your heart will make it readily available to you when you need it. There may be times coming when we will not be permitted to carry our Bibles with us wherever we go. Memorizing Scripture will enable you to carry it with you all the time.  Remember: What you plant in your heart can never be taken away from you.
3. Encourage yourself in the Lord. “But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.” (1 Samuel 30:6 ESV) We spend a lot of our time encouraging and rooting for everyone else (which is what we should be doing!), but when it comes to encouraging ourselves we lack that skill.  We tend to expect that others should encourage and root for us, but when that does not happen (as it often does not) we become disappointed, discouraged and disheartened. 
4. Pray without ceasing. This means that we are to carry on a running conversation with the Lord all day long. Prayer is both a privilege and a responsibility. Through prayer we communicate with God and He communicates with us. When we pray, we should do more listening than talking because God is way smarter than we are.
5. Fellowship with other believers. Jesus made it clear that as the times grow darker, the more should we believers gather together in prayer, worship, and fellowship. The members of the Body of Christ need one another to stay strong, to grow, and to fulfill Christ’s purpose for His Church.
6. Relying on God’s provision instead of the lack of money. Monetary is not necessarily needed. God’s currency is not necessarily monetary; He also deals in favour.
7. Be sensitive to Holy Spirit’s leading. Each morning, ask Him where He is working today in your circle of influence then follow Him there.
8. Don’t believe the lies and hype of the enemy. Abstain from jumping to conclusions as to how or what God is doing.
9. Reminding yourself of His promises and His goodness. Check your thoughts and adjust them accordingly. 
10. Acknowledge to yourself that He has heard you. We tend to assume that because something we prayed about in our lives is not currently evident, that God has not heard our prayers.
“Not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one other; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.” – Hebrews 10:25
*For more information about habits that every Christian should develop; please see the links below:






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How to make time for God in our busy life and schedules?
Well, I don’t know about you, but half the time I have trouble even finding time to say a small prayer when I am really busy with work or blogging, and I always feel bad about the lack of commitment that I have in God which encourages me to want to make God a priority in my life. Have you ever felt the same way–a way in which you would like to make God a priority, but you just don’t see how that is possible–here are some tips for you.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbour as yourself. (Matthew 22:37-38) We must always remember the commandments in all we do. We need to love God with all our heart, soul and mind. If we love God with all our heart then we will want to spend time with Him and give Him the best times of our day. Start the day committing it to God in prayer and asking for his help and guidance throughout the day.
You can post Bible Verses around your home for this we have to always keep a stack of index cards and a pen next to your Bible and whenever you come across a verse that really caches your attention, jot it down and hang it up somewhere. You can display these cards in places like the bathroom, on the fridge, on your mirror,over the stove, or above your bedside table. Every time you see the cards, it will prompt you to think about the verse and what it means for your life.
You can go for a walk or run and Pray. This way you get some uninterrupted time alone with God as you enjoy His beautiful creation and get your healthy workout. There is no better suited time than the time you spend in the admiration of nature.
You can invite God to share in your day. While having time set aside specifically for God and nothing else is nice, finding uninterrupted time isn’t always practical with today’s busy working life. Eventually you will get distracted by something that requires your attention; so instead of saving God for when you have uninterrupted time, invite Him to be a part of your everyday life. Talk with Him as you get drive to your meetings; listen for His voice as you do the dishes. God isn’t interested in just being involved in the highlights of your life; invite Him in to the entire thing, even the boring parts.
From Psalm 1:2, which says: “But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night,” to Hebrews 12:2, which says “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith,” to 1 Thessalonians 5:17, which says “pray without ceasing,” the Bible makes it pretty clear that Jesus is supposed to be on our minds 24/7, all day and night.
Make time for God and to make Him a priority all week long.





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There can be many reasons why we are left with a broken heart: the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, loss of status, loss of health, betrayal by a friend, loss of a child and, yes, loss of your childhood. They leave a hole in our hearts; an emptiness that we fell could never be filled. 

Even though we have these holes in our hearts, I am here to tell you that there is hope for us, and for all the broken hearted because there is a Healer who will mend our broken hearts. As David said in Psalms 147:3: “He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.” God wants to heal us of all of our wounds.
Firstly we need to recognise the pain and acknowledge that it is OK to hurt. Sometimes we seek to cover the pain by ignoring it or through other means like the use of alcohol or drugs, which will only cause us to get infected and reverse the healing process. Like a deep skin wound, we must apply the right ointment so we can begin to heal or else it can get infected and become worse. We cannot ignore our pain and think it will go away. It is during this time that we need a lot of love, encouragement and hope restored. We realise how weak we are and see our great need for God.
We need to seek the Healer. Seek God as our Healer. Just like you tell a doctor your symptoms, tell God how much you were wounded and need His healing touch. He will hear the cries of the broken. God the Father wants to reach down, take your hand, and walk you through your pain.
King David said in Psalms 56:8, “You number my wanderings; put my tears into Your bottle; are they not in Your book?” God was so aware of David that He even collected his tears. In the same way God is involved and aware of our pain, our joys, our failures, our accomplishments.
The LORD is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit,” wrote David (Psalms 34:18, NIV). Ask and receive God’s love and encouragement, because He is very near to you. God can work with a heart that has a hole in it, because the need is so great for it to be filled.
Let God use you to encourage others through their pain. By your own pain you will be able to understand and help in a far greater way. Christ our Saviour was in all points tested and understands all that you go through. He reached out to us by giving His life so that we would be healed.
Recognise that it takes time to heal; even after several years of being wounded, there will still be a hole in yourheart, but it will be much smaller because of God. Every time you feel God’s presence, every time you see God’s intervention in your life, every time you reach out to someone else, every time God grants you blessings, the hole in my heart gets smaller and is being replaced with God’s heart.
Lastly we should give grace instead of judgement. When others fall short of our expectations, we should choose to show them grace, which is defined as mercy, favour, and pardon. Jesus showed you and I grace rather than judgement when He died to pay the penalty for our sins. He says in Matthew 7:1-2;“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Trust the Lord to examine the heart and motives of those who may have hurt you, and leave all judgement to Him. You will find that letting go of this responsibility is tremendously liberating, and it will allow God to fully heal and restore your heart.








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Technically there is no verse against being a model or being sexy. The bible says we are saved by faith and not by our actions. Nevertheless, in reality it is more complex than we think.
Jesus has called us to turn from our ways to follow him completely and to be transformed by him. If Abraham did notobey God’s Words and stayed in his comfort zone with his family, would he have experience so much abundance from God? If he could manage to love God with all his heart, read the word, know Him and still refused to leave his home, it would be an awe.
Romans 12:2 says: “Don’t copy the behaviour and customs to this world, but the God transform you into a few person by changing the way you think.” So being a part of an industry that encourages and thrives on lust is probably not what God would want for our lives; even if the model believes that it is up To her and God.
Often times associating with a particular industry can show that you endorse it. To put this in consideration, in all professions, Christians need to work out where their ethics lies; they need to evaluate if they can be actively serve God and work for their employer; or if their workplace undermines their faith.
Regardless of morality of the companies we work for God’s love will never change. For Christianity to have great impact in the world we need to infiltrate all industries as well as places that fit more with Christian morals. 
One great thing about being a Christian model and working in a commoner environment is that you can impact the place by your conversations, attitude and diligence and just loving the people you work with. But in order to follow Jesus and show the treasure, we need to be responsible about the places we put ourselves in and the things we do. If we are in places that lead us and others to sin then we are in the wrong place. For instance, posing in lingerie means someone else is going to look lustfully at the picture and in Matthew 5:28; Jesus specifically defines this as a sin. We need to guard our hearts and the hearts of others. 
The action of modelling lingerie itself is not an issue but it is the purpose, place and usage of that image. God would be all for it between a husband and wife, and not for the amusement of the whole world. 
At the end of the day there is a line that we need to pray and figure out where we as Christians stand. We should figure out how we can navigate the work place to give God the glory that he deserves; and to recognise that God is the ultimate boss and not our employers.



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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my Disclosure for more info. 
Ever thought of ways you can safe some cash from your monthly shopping? Then maybe you should change your shopping spot to a more convenient place that allows you to buy quality items at a very reasonable prize; like the thrift store. And if you enjoy shopping at the yard sale then this will also be a perfect place to visit as it is a much bigger, much convenient yard sale. 
Here is a list of top 15 items that you can purchase via thrift instead of paying full price.
1. Baby items. Items for a new baby can be so expensive, and many times you can score super cheap items like high chairs, bouncy seats, and more at a thrift store.  If you arelooking for something specific, the store manager will be more than happy to help you. Lastly, always check to see if items have been recalled.
Kids’ clothing. You can get kids clothing at a reasonable prize marked less than the full prize. Kids grow out of their clothing so fast it is silly to pay full price for items that they will outgrow in a few months. Shopping at thrift stores for kids’ clothing is much less expensive, and you can usually find brand names.
Kitchen supplies. You can be able to find countless items for our kitchen at any local thrift store. Everything from small appliances to silverware, cooking utensils, and more.
Cards. These includes any occasional cards from invitations, or gift card holders for much less. These cards can go from $0.5 – $1.50each and they are high quality and don’t lookcheap.
Toys. You can get toys that are prized $150 for $5 at thrift store. Make sure to check all toys to make sure they have all the necessary parts to run. It’s also good to check to see if the battery terminal area is ok, and ask about the return policy in case the toy does not work properly.
Games and puzzlesYou can find many games and puzzles at thrift stores for pennies. Again, make sure that all the game pieces are present before you buy it.
Designer items. These can be found occasionally. Whether it’s a brand name pair of boots, a designer sweater, or even a pocketbook, you know you’ve made bank.
Books. It may be difficult to find a book that you love but you can be able to score very adorable items for your children.
Maternity clothes. Maternity items are easy to pick up at thrift stores. It may be hard to find maternity items even in many local department stores, but you can be more successful at thrift and to find good maternity clothes.
10 Construction items and craft supplies.  You would be surprised at the items people donate to a thrift store. You can find kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, and more. Many times these are bulky items that people just want to get rid of and so they will donate them to get rid of them quickly.  
11 DVDs and CDsUsed DVDs and CDs will play like new if they were well taken care of by their previous owner. Even if you wind up with a scratched disc, there are ways to remove the scratches and make the DVD or CD playable again, such as rubbing it with toothpaste or even a banana.
12 Jewellery. Depreciation hits hard when you try to sell used jewellery, but as a buyer you can take advantage of the markdown. This is especially true for diamonds, which have ridiculously low resale values. Check out estate sales and reputable pawn shops.
13 Ikea furnitureWhy bother assembling your own furniture when you can pick it up for free (or nearly free) on Craigslist and Freecycle? Summer is the best time to hunt for Ikea furniture because that’s when college students are changing apartments and tossing out goodies.
14 Musical instrumentsPurchasing new musical instruments for a beginner musician is rarely a good idea. For your little bundle of joy who wants to learn to play an instrument, you should see how long his or her interest lasts by acquiring a used instrument to practice with first.
15 PetsBuying a puppy or kitty from a professional breeder or a pet store outlet can set you back anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. On top of this, you’ll need to anticipate additional fees and vet bills. Instead, adopt a pet from your local animal shelter, and get a new family member, fees and vaccines at a substantially lower cost.
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Have you been praying about a situation in your life and found yourself waiting for a breakthrough? Are you wondering why the answer hasn’t come yet? Do you feel as though victory is passing you by?

Sometimes when we pray long and hard about a situation in our life without receiving any answers, we just learn to live with it. We go on about our business, wondering if or when God will send the answer. But God does hear those prayers, and He’s working out the answers even though we may not know all the details. Our situation can change suddenly—quickly without warning!
God could have spoken to Moses in the desert about sending him to help free His people from slavery 40 days after he ran away from Egypt. Instead, He made him wait for 40 long years. God could have given Abraham the son He promised him when he was still a young man. Instead, He waited until he was 100 years old and because of physical reasons would have a more difficult time conceiving at that age.
God could have answered prayers and met the needs of these men much quicker, but He didn’t. He made them wait instead. And He often makes us do the same. He makes us wait for healing to come after we’ve been praying for years and there is no sign of recovery. He makes us wait to fulfil His call in our lives after He puts the desire and passion in our hearts to serve Him in a certain way. Maybe He is keeping you right where you’re at for the same reason He kept these men for so many years: to build your faith. To build your dependence on Him when you are barren and empty to see if He is truly all you desire and all you need. To build your trust in Him when the storm keeps raging, the battle keeps going and breakthrough and victory doesn’t seem near.
He makes us wait to give us the desires of our hearts, whether it’s a baby, a spouse, or a new job. He makes us wait for direction when we are stuck at a dead end and we don’t know where to go or what to do.
He could answer that same prayer that you’ve been praying for years every night in a millisecond. That same prayer that has been bringing you to tears. That same prayer that the longer that it goes unanswered, the more it makes you question whether He even hears.
If He is making you wait, there is a very good reason for it. If He is telling you “no” today, maybe it’s because He has a better “yes” waiting for you tomorrow. If He is keeping you in the same place you’ve always been today, maybe it’s because He’s helping build your faith before you enter your Promised Land tomorrow.
Wherever you are at today know that God is right beside you and that there is a purpose for you. Even if that purpose is to wait.
According to Joyce Meyer we should accept God’s Timing; “God gives us hopes and dreams for certain things to happen in our lives, but He doesn’t always allow us to see the exact timing of His plan. Although frustrating, not knowing the exact timing is often what keeps us in the program. There are times when we might give up if we knew how long it was going to take, but when we accept God’s timing, we can learn to live in hope and enjoy our lives while God is working on our problems. We know that God’s plan for our lives is good, and when we entrust ourselves to Him, we can experience total peace and happiness.”
“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” – Psalm 27:14





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Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel.” – Philippians 1:27

God’s word is like a treasure chest buried underground full of gold coins worth of billions of dollars; but instead of gold coins the bible offers something better; God’s promises. Sadly many Christians don’t know God’s promises. It’s like gives us a treasure chest full of gold coins, and we never open it to see what’s inside; we lack the faith to see these amazing fruits. 
Today, I am here to tell you that when we come to God in a manner of high faith we can discovery these promises, promises that will be able to lead a peaceful life and understand God’s calling in our lives.
God promises to satisfy us fully and forever in Jesus Christ.
We all long for heart-satisfaction. We all crave joy, pleasure, and beauty. And we can find some joy, pleasure, and beauty in things of the world. But none of these gives us full joy. Or lasting joy.
But God has good news. God promises that full and lasting joy is found in himself; in knowing him as he is revealed in Jesus Christ. That’s what David says in Psalm 16:11 (he’s speaking to God) –
“In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”
We can also see this promise in verses like Psalm 36:7-9; Psalm 63:1-2; Psalm 73:25-26; John 6:35; Philippians 3:8; 1 Peter 1:8.
God promises to forgive us through faith in Christ so you can experience his heart-satisfying presence now and forever.
“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)
We have all sinned and faced God’s punishment. But on the Cross, Jesus was punished in our place. So when we turn from whatever else we’ve been trusting to satisfy us, and trust Jesus Christ to forgive us, change us, and satisfy us in himself — everything changes:
God forgives all our sin — so we will never be punished by him (1John 1:9; Romans 8:1).
God covers us with Jesus’ perfect righteousness, and welcomes us as if we were perfectly righteous (2Corinthians 5:21). This complete forgiveness, and all of God’s promises, are ours by faith alone in Christ alone, as Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:8-9.
God promises to keep us strong in faith so we can experience his heart-satisfying presence forever.
This will ensure that we don’t turn from our faith in Christ because God promises that if we are truly trusting him now then he will never let you fall away. We won’t be sinless. But he will keep you persevering in faith until you enter heaven.
That’s what Paul says in Philippians 1:6 – “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”
Christ, God mercifully promises to reward our undeserving faith with even more heart-satisfaction in him now and forever.
So the more we trust and obey Christ now, the more joy we will have in Christ now, and forever. Here’s how Jesus puts this promise in John 14:21 – “Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him.”
But please don’t misunderstand this idea of reward. It’s not that we deserve rewards from God. It’s that – because of Jesus’ death on the Cross — God mercifully rewards our undeserving faith and obedience with more of himself.

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith” – Hebrews 13:7



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Women’s Dark Green Jacket, Grey Denim Shirt, Black Leather A-Line Skirt, Brown Suede Wedge Sandals on Lookastic: Dark Green Jacket, Grey Denim Shirt, Black Leather A-Line Skirt, Brown Suede Wedge Sandals

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Review for Miracle Gel for Curly Hair

Those of us with curly hair know it can be both a blessing and a curse. When it behaves, nothing is better than having a head full of perfect ringlets or waves that falls over your shoulders. But when it  acts out then we need to watch out because thirsty, frizzy, stressed-out curly hair is never pretty. So to stay hair stress free, try using Miracle Gel for Curly Hair – this proven formula locks in moisture and fights humidity on all types and textures of hair! It will give you perfect curls that will last for days and guarantees no more frizz. 
Turn your frizz into sleek curls with Miracle Gel for Curly Hair. You won’t have to wrestle those misbehaving curls into submission any more. Use this versatile product to add dimension and shine to your hair, boost the volume of your curls and keep frizz in check. Get over the stage of using crunchy, greasy hair gels that have an unpleasant smell. 
Wake-up from the nightmare of dealing with the frizz and live with amazing Hair Gel from Madonna & Co a boutique and Beauty Bar. M&C’s products are totally unique and will help you to create your own style because they bring together Beauty & Fashion all under one roof. 
Madonna & Co is a world where fashion is created. Where luxury is about being one of a kind, not how much you spend. Where you’ll discover exclusive designs, designer capsule collections, and exciting mixes of fabrics. Everything is easy to wear, yet sophisticated, feminine, but inspired by the art of edgy fashion details.
So for a new shopping experience go check out M& C’s unparalleled collections, an assortment of fashion and real gem jewels and expressive accessories and treat yourself to a cut & style or a makeover all at the same place.

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