What does it really mean to write for Christ? How exactly do you write for Christ? Does your story have to be out-right religious or blatantly about God in order to write for Christ?
Writing for God is all about reflecting on his character by Glorifying Him. God is everywhere and anywhere at any given time therefore we don’t always have to state the obvious when we write.
Before we even start to write the article, we should think about the truth. We should be able to tell a story without being fictional but only using your skills and techniques to get the message across. Yes we should be creative but we shouldn’t beat down our storyline. Furthermore, we should pray for guidance before we even start writing your story. We should bring out spiritual or character building principles that the reader can put into practice their life.
Our work has to be good quality and perfect just as our father is perfect. Of course, we will never be able to attain perfection, and getting frustrated with our work will not help things. Sometimes, the only way we can get better, is to let ourselves practice. Practice is the only way we can get better. So we don’t have to be perfect to reflect God. We just have to do our best, and always strive to get better, never resting on our laurels. That honours God.
We should also reflect God through our demonstration of His truth. Anything that is true is of God. Jesus said He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). God is described as “the Spirit of Truth,” (John 16:3). God is truth; therefore, by writing about and displaying truth, we are writing for Christ; displaying the real and ultimate truth. 
By writing a story with a moral showing that truth is truth, regardless of what people believe, you are writing for Christ.
By writing stories displaying and promoting Hope, Joy, Courage, Perseverance, Humility, Faith, Altruism, Peace, Mercy, Grace, etc. we are writing for Christ because we are reflecting the character of God. We may or may not include God in our writing, by name, but by displaying His truths and saying, “this is true,” we are putting God in our writing, and we are writing for Christ.
Also, if we strive to write for Christ, we will not be writing alone. If we abandon ourselves to God, then He can use us for His glory. He will guide us as we craft and develop our stories.
If you think about it, there are infinite ways to write for Christ and to glorify God. By writing for God, glory will not only be brought to Him, but we will be taking part in the spreading of God’s kingdom on earth. We can spread truth, and free the culture from its pervasive lies.
The beautiful reality is people are starving for these kinds of stories, and not just Christians. Truth and reality are far more wonderful than the fake. By combiningGod’s truth with a high quality story, we can write novels which deeply impact Christians and non-Christians alike. 
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