1. You have to be Bold. You should not allow fear to consume you. Don’t let it get in the way of you sharing your faith. You should always proclaim the kingdom of God no matter where you are; be you. Stand for what you believe in and not even let any cowardly behaviour get in your way. You should not lack confidence as confidence comes from the Lord.

2. Love unconditionally. Love the way God loves us and the way you love yourself. Remember that God is love and this is deeply reflected in the Bible. He is able to reach use even in our darkest times, our sufferings and pain; nothing can separate us from His love. This is the kind of love we should preach and live in the world.
3. Pray regularly. In everything you do and everywhere you go you should pray. Prayer should be your lifestyle, it should be your all time trade that people will always remember you by. When we fail to pray on a regular, daily basis, and we don’t readHis Word, we show that He is not really that important to us and we are not being faithful.

4. Abstain from sin. Christians still sin, but they do not remain in sin or keep on sinning as if nothing is wrong. We can’t act like we don’t know right and wrong, we have to lead by example and proof that really we have been born again and we know what sin is.






















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