Everyone has a demon or two. I have had my fair share of them. I have battled a lot of things and I have decided that maybe it might be time to share things with the world. I was always afraid and always felt sheltered. I always thought that I should keep things to myself, because I do not want to come across as weak. However, recently I have decided that telling the world what I have faced might just be what I need to do to set myself a part from all of the rest.

In more ways than one being a model is not so cracked up to be. Being told that you need to slim down is not exactly what I wanted to hear. With in reason I developed an eating disorder. I would eat a lot and than throw it up. No one really knew that this is what I was doing, and trust me I reaped the consequences of this. I learned my lesson though, I should not have to do this to be accepted. I should just be me and call it a day.

Dealing with demons that no one knows about is really difficult. I have wanted to commit suicide at least 5 times, being admitted to the hosiptal is not very fun at all. When you feel like your world is crashing down on you because you do not feel stable in a home it can be a bit much. When you feel like your own mother put her boyfriend or men in general before you, it has a mental effect on you.

They say for you to let go of these thing which I have to say that I am not in the same place that I was when all of these things happened. However I am in a place where I feel like I am me and I perfectly fine with that. I have to pave my own way, if I can get your attention that way I will do something different and get your attention in another way. Its not easy to overcome demons but when you pray and have faith and get out of the darkness your light will shine bright. I hope that me writing this helps someone reading this.



















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