When I met you I didn’t think anything of it. Barely even looked at you. Now I am here and your all I think about. This urban love what right and wrong. I speak into existence and you know me better than I know myself. His eyes are like passage ways to his soul only problem is soul is tainted by all the wrong that’s been done. Not used to someone caring the way I do because truth is no one else never did it right. Baby put your pride a side let me show you how real this urban love is cause I’ll do for you as you do for me.

I treat you as my king deserves to be treated just as long as my king does right by me. I couldn’t have found better words to express this feeling without not saying to much. This urban love got me up all night, wanting to spend the rest of my life with you. You breathe into my ear and whisper my name, my world changes because your slowly becoming my world. Sleep baby sleep but don’t sleep our love away this love is strong doesn’t matter if it hasn’t been long. I know  it seems as if I am trying to be a poet but I am just expressing myself in a way that I am not really used to. trust!  I trust like no other which is why I am giving you my heart but babe please don’t break it I wouldn’t know what to do. Maybe it’s just me but this urban love feels real and I don’t want it to end. You just want the doctors prescribed Your my sick love addiction, the needle, the pills and the gun to my black and white love story.




Make Up @delinaMedhin
Photographer @andrewfennell
Dress from @trixxiGirlhttp://www.trixxiclothing.com/Women’s Light Blue Denim Jacket, Hot Pink Bodycon Dress, Tan Suede Ankle Boots on Lookastic: Light Blue Denim Jacket, Hot Pink Bodycon Dress, Tan Suede Ankle Boots