I remember the day when you said being with me meant that you would be happy. That you wanted to be selfish because you could not stand the thought of someone else being with me. What happened to that man that I fall in love with where did he go?  I question that everyday. You tell me it is because I accused you of things you were not doing that you did what you did eventually. How does that make it right? All of this time you gave me a reason to be how I was, not once did you apologize for it. Now that hurts, because  I really cared about you, and still do.

Do you 
remember when I said  I love you? I wasn’t lying. Remember when we used to talk for hours and tell each other everything? I miss that, I miss us but someone or something always seemed to be against us. Namely that oppa loppa…  It is sad because we really had something special but it just seemed like all I did was push you closer to her. You used to give me butterfiles in my tummy and  you still do. I would always try and place you in the friend zone and take you back out because I could not help myself. I could not wait until the next time I saw you. We always be on the phone and we always saw each other.

Maybe we do not get to be in each others lives, maybe we were unable to climb the enormous mountain together, maybe we don’t get a happily ever after. I would love to say all of this is true but the truth is i still love you and still want you. The truth is no matter how far away you are,  no matter what you might say or do my mind always finds a way to end up thinking about you.  Maybe you don’t need me anymore, one day you’ll wake up and realize that there is no one else in the world like me, that I’m one of a kind.

Hoping that you’ll want me back one day and maybe that day ill still need you. It’s like I have tired to say this over and over again to you but it just does not come out that way. You found someone else ok fine, I can not say that it does not hurt because lord knows that it does.  I will find a way to get over it just be honest with me that’s all I ask for. Do not give me false hope for something that I think might happen but will not happen.

I can at least say that at some point we shared something, and you felt the same way I did. Who knows maybe you still feel the same way.  
 But we will never know that now will we.











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