Building an empire is not easy. Everyone does a lot of talking when it comes to this however No one ever puts in the work to get it done. One thing is for sure you can’t except to make 100k or more a year doing $10 an hour tasks to get there.
One thing I have been struggling with for the past couple of days is the idea of whether or not I should delegate the tasks that I do on a regular basis. It is a scary thought to think about. As I think about this if I do not go through this process I will not have time to do the work that God wants me to do for his kingdom. This could be what I need to do for him to do more in my life.
As you are putting him first in his kingdom you are in turn allowing him to do what he wants with you. By allowing your self to let go you are now allowing yourself to be available for others and inspire more people.
Let’s say I choose to not delegate the work that I have to other people. That means I lose out on inspiring a team of people through out my business and career because I chose to not let go and let God in and let others do what they can to help the vision flourish.
Habakkuk 2:2-3
“Write down the revelation
    and make it plain on tablets
    so that a herald[b] may run with it.
For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
    it speaks of the end
    and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it;
    it[c] will certainly come
    and will not delay.
I don’t want to keep building an empire as if this relative success comes from me. God has to be in the spotlight because it is not my success and empire it his. As quick as you built the empire God will quickly take it away if you are not focused on him and doing his work.







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