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First of all, let’s find out what Poshmark is and what it does. After plenty of research (drum roll)…Poshmark is a mobile clothing marketplace where you can buy and sell fashionable pieces that come right out of your closet!

You literally get to shop someone else’s closet and allow for others to shop in yours without leaving your home. Poshmark allows its users to connect directly with each other, giving each user the ability to have hands-on management with each individual purchase. There are often “parties” where a user can share their clothing to receive more views and possible chances of a sale as well as honing in their chances of finding that perfect piece that they may have been looking for.
For all of those pieces that are too small, too big (basically everything you bought on a whim but didn’t try on before you left the store), but that are REALLY cute, this is the place to sell them. We know they’re in the back of your closet somewhere and only God knows where the receipt is, if you haven’t already exceeded the refund policy time. Instead of going back to the store and trying to negotiate with the cashier on why you believe you should be able to still return this item, you can just sell it on Poshmark.