PurseN is a collection of high end travel accessories. Products from PurseN are designed to make any woman feel like they are travelling with their complete make-up in a small stylish packet. PurseN accessories come with a gorgeous array of purse options that fits every woman’s class. The company creating these beautiful products is enhancing women travels, their accessories and styles. When travelling to weddings, business meetings or travelling to any occasion, these purses will bring your make up with you.
High profile celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey have endorsed the PurseN brands, which features in The Oprah Magazine. There is a long list of Female celebrities who have trust in PurseN products and they must have one or several of PurseN as their accessories when travelling. Tiffany line of purse are attractive to any woman who has come across PurseN products, perhaps because of its design.

Most Important Benefits


·       PurseN products are designed for busy women. If you’re a busy woman, you will not find yourself in a disarray of find a tiny beauty accessory in your large bag.
·       Multitasking women find PurseN hand bag accessories they need for their daily rounds.
·       Tiffany travel case is one of the PurseNproducts, which is highly fashionable and functional. The product enhances luxury and has come to redefine comfort during travelling.
·       Tiffany travel case is a perfect size. A number of your toiletry and beauty essentials will go into this tiny, valuable and elegant purse.


1.     This case was defined with a large zipped compartment. The compartment is expandable due to elastic band material to hold blotches of beauty accessories in place.
2.     Tiffany Travel Case also has three separate removable cases, which are ideal for holding more, delicate and specific accessories such as eye shadows, brushes, lip liners, powders, foundations and mascaras.
3.     The size is 9 inch length, 9 inch height and 4.5 inch width. This size may seem small but the purse is incredible for its purpose.
There are about 5 Tiffany Travel cases where TiffanyTravel Case-Fuchsia Link stands out from the crowd because of its color and elegant design. This case is the brightest and no wonder it is the most selling.
Learn About the Product
The founder of PurseN is Hardeep Melemed. She is the designer behind PurseN products. Her long story of creating these purses comes from her life experience of the needs to remain organized without having to sacrifice a busy schedule. Life experience can sometimes come as an entrepreneurial lesson that turns out to be practical and valued to the rest of us.

Hardeep Melamed continues to explore all possibilities of organizing beauty accessory products into one small package, increasing luxury and redefining travel for any outing.

*This product was given to me by the company in exchange for this blog post review*