God is Love! His love is unconditional. He is forgiving and never holds grudges. His love is everlasting and comforting. His love can make us do well; it make Jesus feed the hungry, comfort the distressed, heal the sick, teach the multitude and raise the dead.
God’s love is tender and cares for the needs of others and it is not choosy and never finds it difficult to get along with others. So if you find it difficult to get along with some people or they rub you the wrong way, you better start look to God to give you the strength to begin to love them. Ask God to give you the eyes to look at yourself and others in the same way that He looks at you. God has forgiven us and shows us His unconditional love by dying for us on the cross. Why do we have to let the devil get to us and lead our lives in the opposite way to what our Father wants for us.
God lives in us, we are complete because His love is perfect, it is peaceful, patient and kind. This is what we need to remind ourselves of when the devil tries to attack us by confusing us about the things our father has forgiven us for. We should claim the forgiveness and righteousness of God with faith, this way we will not be affected by the work and the accusations of the devil. 
Instead of hating and criticising each other, we should pray for each other. Ask God to fill us all with the Holy Spirit and love to see through the hate that has been created amongst us. LetGod work through you, let Him use your words, your smile and your patience to express His love for His people. 

You will see your life changing, you will see more miracles and receive more blessing for being a faithful and truthful servant of God.


















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