We all love getting pampered at the salon, but when we’re trying to save a few bucks, only the best at-home hair products will do – L’oreal ever cleansing balm which nourishes  color-treated hair, is non stripping and keeps color looking healthy.

It can give you soft, shiny, manageable hair regardless of your hair texture or style; be it – dry hair, frizzy hair, curly hair and more. L’oreal ever cleansing balm is the best conditioner ever made with 6-in-1 benefits that will boost your salon look.
How to use
Apply 6-8 pumps to wet hair. For longer hair, add additional pumps as needed. Massage gently and distribute evenly throughout hair until fully saturated. Leave in 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. No need to use a separate conditioner.
Let’s face it ladies; L’oreal ever cleansing balm allows us to be free and confident every single time we flip our hair in mid-conversations, shyly tuck it behind our ears, peek through it when it falls before our faces like a curtain, making the onlooker melt like butter.
Gorgeous healthy hair is a girl’s greatest accessory so let’s avoid damaging it in the process of getting it to that gorgeous state.
We don’t want a disaster on our hands that ends up costing even more than if we’d just gone to the salon in the first place, right? So let’s stick with products that really work.