Honestly speaking, in today’s age, we are bombarded with so many beauty tips through blogs, radio, TV ads, our trusted family and friends and even social media. Some of these tips bring forth great results while others are a total fail. With this being said, today I want to share my top 15 beauty tips which work like magic. You might know some of those tips because they are classics; they have been used by our mothers and their mothers’ mothers. Basically they have been around for a while.

1. Want to have a more natural look? Always use blush and lipstick or gloss of the same colour.
2. If you are always sin a hurry like most of us and don’t have time to do your make-up, focus on your brows by filling then up and brushing them; then put on some lip gloss. This is the quickest way to pull a fabulous look.
3. If you are obsessed with curly long lashes then you should use a waterproof, lengthening formula to hold your curl up, and then add the coat to enhance the volume of the mascara on top.
4. Matt lipstick is taking over by force and it can be prissy. But you don’t have to worry about buying it again because you can mattify any of your ordinary lipsticks by simply clashing over your lips with a translucent powder on a clean eyeshadow blending brush or concealer brush. After you applying it, you will instantly have matt lipstick that will last all day long.
5. If you run out of makeup remover, you can use Vaseline or coconut oil. You can either apply it directly on your face, or put it on a cotton-wool and rub it in. 
6. If you have dry skin, always use a moisturizer before applying make-up
7. When you want to get rid of the dark circle you should use your eyebrows to make the circles less noticeable. You just have to tweeze your brows so that they are straighter across than arched. When they are arched you get a complete circle effect and that exaggerates the dark circles, but if your brows are straight across, it breaks up that shape and de-emphasizes the circles.
8. For super soft and matt skin, you should use oil-free sunscreen moisturisers, that way your skin doesn’t look pasty and shiny.
9. 5 oils are the most natural skin and hair care products that can make you look for gorgeously beautiful from head to toe. These 5 amazing nourishing oils include olive oil, tissue oil, coconut oil, sweet oil and avocado oil.
10. The best way to fight gaining and prevent pimples is to use a prescription retinoid. The one thing that will make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. It helps smooth wrinkles, prevent blemishes, keep pore size small and fight sun damage. 
11. For major hair volume; try to apply dry shampoo to a day old hair and then blow dry the roots using a round brush. The combination of the shampoo and natural oils will have the same effect as the volumiser
12. When you don’t have time to dry your hair, you can just spritz with water lightly and separate it into two sections to do loose rope braid then blow dry the braid a bid and leave it until you arrive at your destination. Once you take it out you will have nice loose beachy waves.
13. To remove any build-up in your hair from hairsprays and dry shampoo use clarifying shampoo once a week.
14. If you are worried about damaging your strands with hair colour, look for vegetable colour that simply lays colour that hair shaft, or use colour shampoos and conditioners that add that shine to the hair. It makes a huge difference in how healthy your hair look. 
15. Lastly don’t fight your natural hair texture, just enhance it. We all really look with a hair texture that closely resembles what nature gave us. So rather totally straightening curls, try defining them or loosening then up a bit with curling iron.
In conclusion, you should invest in high quality products, though sometimes more expensive, will make you happier than just purchasing what is trending at that moment.