See I felt such strong and change that my blog post was going to be an outfit of the day post to day. However I decided to do a special blog post dedicated to my only female best friend as well as kill two birds with one stone and do my homework assignment for my armor bearers class.

Anywho, the last female best friend I had was when I was like 5, the only reason why were are not friends any more is because I moved around so many times growing up that I lost contact with her. With that said I literally have not had a female best friend since then. Reason for me not having a female best friend is because I have found it so ridiculously hard to have female friends that I can legitimately trust with out feeling like they are going to do something shady to me behind my back, use me, try to take my boyfriends, or they just don’t understand me at all.
With all of this said someone who has taken my heart and ran with it , has loved me back to life in times that I needed real love, times when I wanted to kill myself, times when I was not sure if this was the right decision that I wanted to make. She’s been through 2 major break ups with me has helped me get back into amazing status. With her I have found my new found love of God. A love that has me feeling like someone that is alive which is a feeling that I have not felt in years. A feeling that I do not want to disappear at all. Do not get me wrong I have some friends that I consider to be like family to me, but she got the title of BFF.
This best friend is Lillian Lightbourn, she says she is inspired by me but I am inspired by her and her love of God. I love her drive and admire her God driven career in modeling. She is beautiful and kind and because of her I love coffee and creamer. lol. I miss her so much as she is away in London doing her thing modeling and I give her everything and commend her for everything that she has done and is about to do. So I love you lilli and I hope this answers my homework question in more than just a paragraph!