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Ever thought of ways you can safe some cash from your monthly shopping? Then maybe you should change your shopping spot to a more convenient place that allows you to buy quality items at a very reasonable prize; like the thrift store. And if you enjoy shopping at the yard sale then this will also be a perfect place to visit as it is a much bigger, much convenient yard sale. 
Here is a list of top 15 items that you can purchase via thrift instead of paying full price.
1. Baby items. Items for a new baby can be so expensive, and many times you can score super cheap items like high chairs, bouncy seats, and more at a thrift store.  If you arelooking for something specific, the store manager will be more than happy to help you. Lastly, always check to see if items have been recalled.
Kids’ clothing. You can get kids clothing at a reasonable prize marked less than the full prize. Kids grow out of their clothing so fast it is silly to pay full price for items that they will outgrow in a few months. Shopping at thrift stores for kids’ clothing is much less expensive, and you can usually find brand names.
Kitchen supplies. You can be able to find countless items for our kitchen at any local thrift store. Everything from small appliances to silverware, cooking utensils, and more.
Cards. These includes any occasional cards from invitations, or gift card holders for much less. These cards can go from $0.5 – $1.50each and they are high quality and don’t lookcheap.
Toys. You can get toys that are prized $150 for $5 at thrift store. Make sure to check all toys to make sure they have all the necessary parts to run. It’s also good to check to see if the battery terminal area is ok, and ask about the return policy in case the toy does not work properly.
Games and puzzlesYou can find many games and puzzles at thrift stores for pennies. Again, make sure that all the game pieces are present before you buy it.
Designer items. These can be found occasionally. Whether it’s a brand name pair of boots, a designer sweater, or even a pocketbook, you know you’ve made bank.
Books. It may be difficult to find a book that you love but you can be able to score very adorable items for your children.
Maternity clothes. Maternity items are easy to pick up at thrift stores. It may be hard to find maternity items even in many local department stores, but you can be more successful at thrift and to find good maternity clothes.
10 Construction items and craft supplies.  You would be surprised at the items people donate to a thrift store. You can find kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, and more. Many times these are bulky items that people just want to get rid of and so they will donate them to get rid of them quickly.  
11 DVDs and CDsUsed DVDs and CDs will play like new if they were well taken care of by their previous owner. Even if you wind up with a scratched disc, there are ways to remove the scratches and make the DVD or CD playable again, such as rubbing it with toothpaste or even a banana.
12 Jewellery. Depreciation hits hard when you try to sell used jewellery, but as a buyer you can take advantage of the markdown. This is especially true for diamonds, which have ridiculously low resale values. Check out estate sales and reputable pawn shops.
13 Ikea furnitureWhy bother assembling your own furniture when you can pick it up for free (or nearly free) on Craigslist and Freecycle? Summer is the best time to hunt for Ikea furniture because that’s when college students are changing apartments and tossing out goodies.
14 Musical instrumentsPurchasing new musical instruments for a beginner musician is rarely a good idea. For your little bundle of joy who wants to learn to play an instrument, you should see how long his or her interest lasts by acquiring a used instrument to practice with first.
15 PetsBuying a puppy or kitty from a professional breeder or a pet store outlet can set you back anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. On top of this, you’ll need to anticipate additional fees and vet bills. Instead, adopt a pet from your local animal shelter, and get a new family member, fees and vaccines at a substantially lower cost.
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Buying and Selling Fashion: A Brilliant User’s Guide with 3 Awesome Tips to Making Money on Poshmark

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First of all, let’s find out what Poshmark is and what it does. After plenty of research (drum roll)…Poshmark is a mobile clothing marketplace where you can buy and sell fashionable pieces that come right out of your closet!

You literally get to shop someone else’s closet and allow for others to shop in yours without leaving your home. Poshmark allows its users to connect directly with each other, giving each user the ability to have hands-on management with each individual purchase. There are often “parties” where a user can share their clothing to receive more views and possible chances of a sale as well as honing in their chances of finding that perfect piece that they may have been looking for.
For all of those pieces that are too small, too big (basically everything you bought on a whim but didn’t try on before you left the store), but that are REALLY cute, this is the place to sell them. We know they’re in the back of your closet somewhere and only God knows where the receipt is, if you haven’t already exceeded the refund policy time. Instead of going back to the store and trying to negotiate with the cashier on why you believe you should be able to still return this item, you can just sell it on Poshmark.
Boy, do I wish this thing was around in high school, as I would have been selling all of my clothes just to make some extra money. Instead of swapping clothes with friends, I would have been uploading and shipping my little heart out just to fill my bank account.  Poshmark is a great way to earn an extra side income, and I am all about additional and multiple streams of income. They do take 20% from each sale, but as we all know with business, they have to make their money somewhere. I think that 20% is a fair, if not low cost to the user, because of what Poshmark is offering you. It is offering an online and mobile presence that allows you to sell and buy all from the confines of your own home. Who else does that?!?
  1.    1.Find some clothing, shoes, and accessories in your closet that you would like to sell. Make sure that they’re in good condition and are things that someone else would like to wear.
  2.  2. This part is important, as it is your main way to market your item.Upload clear pictures, preferably in front of a solid color background, with ample lighting. Poshmark will then prompt you to add a description and to select a brand, category, and size for the item. You get to choose what price you would like to list the item for and also to add how new the item is (new with tags, new without tags, used etc.)
  3.    3. SHOP! Don’t forget to find incredible deals on Poshmark at just a fraction of the actual retail price.
Below are some additional Pros and Cons to Poshmark:
-You may receive “low-ball” offers where buyers offer to buy the product for way less than you have listed, and often way less than what the product is worth
-You may have to reject offers, because the final negotiated price is just too low for you to accept
-As with anything online, there are people who are always looking to deceive others for their own selfish purposes
-After making a sale, Poshmark gives you a FREE print-out shipping label
-Secure payment transfers
-An optional authentication service for high-end goods
-A HUGE range of clothing price-wise
-An app for easy mobile selling and shopping
What do you think? How many of you already use Poshmark and what has your experience been like?
I love Poshmark, the #1 app to buy and sell fashion, and know you will love it too! Make money and shop over 5,000 brands at up to 70% off. It’s fun and easy – I promise!
Sign up with code PXZRW to get $10 off your first order.

*affiliate link will generate some form of commission 
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