Month: June 2017


Growing up I was never shown how to really take care of my hair, because of that I always hated my hair. However, ┬ánow that I am older, I am loving my hair. Since I started wearing my hair out naturally, it has been a struggle because I don’t see enough girls like me not do I know what to do with my hair to begin with. So going to #Rizosontheroad event was an absolute must for me. It was so empowering to be around other curly head beauties. I was so inspired by each and everyone that attended the event. (more…)

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The book written by napoleon hill had been confirmed by a lot of people how it had really helped them in their faith of dream and how to manifest it, research has shown that about billions of human need a motivational speech or probably an advice from a trusted mentor to help them in fulfilling their dream and what they really desire.


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