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How to reach your goals?

How to reach your goals

We should not continue to deceive ourselves, we human beings are in continuous evolution, and we are always in the constant search for personal success, for everything that not only satisfies our needs but also makes us feel peace and tranquility. Depending on who you ask, success is a very subjective thing for each type of person, however, to obtain it, it is first necessary to fulfill or reach those objectives, which together and like pieces of a puzzle, make up the success we all seek in our lives.

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Self Love : Investing In Yourself

Self-love: Investing In Yourself

Currently, we are living in constant change. Time seems to run faster than before, which makes people living almost unnoticed, unaware of the day to day. We are only worried about not arriving late to college or to our jobs, or we are just too busy trying to control our fate by strictly tracking and ruling our lives and schedules. Sadly, we finally forget the importance of our mental and emotional health, because we have our attention drawn to the almost mechanical processes we accomplish every single day, like robots.

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