If you are looking for an online bank that will offer you an array of high quality services, then Capital One 360 is the right place for you. This bank has a few braches over the USA that look more like cafes than real bank branches. But never the less, it offers all the kinds of services that you would need at a reliable bank in a laid back atmosphere.


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What is postmates? How do you use it?

Postmates is a logistics company which operates a network of couriers who deliver goods locally. Postmates is closely compared to Uber because of its use of mobile phones to receive orders and dispatch delivery drivers. 

Postmates has a beautiful app that is extremely simple to use, available on iOS and Android and Web. But customers can also order online, by visiting and entering their delivery address, then browse featured merchants or search for a specific place. Via mobile, you can order items for delivery in 1 of 2 ways:
1. Select a place from the Featured Stores list on the home screen.
2. Search for a specific restaurant, store or cuisine by tapping on the search icon at the top of the screen and entering your query.
Once you’ve chosen a store, select the items you’d like to have delivered. If there is a menu, you can simply check off the items you want. And if there’s no menu, you can write a shopping list in the “Add a custom order” field.
If it’s an item in a store or restaurant in your city, we can deliver it. Get pizza from your favourite neighbourhood joint, donuts from across town, new sneakers from Nike, an iPhone charger from the Apple Store, prescriptions from the pharmacy, you name it.
Postmates is one of the top delivery companies right nowand it is transforming the way local goods move around a city by enabling anyone to get any product delivered in under one hour. Postmates’ revolutionary urban logistics & on-demand delivery platform connects customers with local couriers, who purchase and deliver goods from any restaurant or store in a city.
Now more than ever, while things are good, is the time to start assessing all of your options and looking at multiple platforms to see how they can benefit you. The emergence of all of these niche rideshare and delivery options are a great thing for drivers so you can start there.  
Working at postmates you can able to explore new places and interact with new people. The challenging part of the job could be balancing time. You will find that the people are friendly and you will get the pleasure of putting a smile onpeople’s faces.
Postmates is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Try Postmates!  Use my referral code, uhmeh, for $10.00 in delivery fee credit.
if you want to sign up and make some extra money use my referral code INFO@IAMSHEILAJ.COM 

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my Disclosure for more info. 
Are you currently experiencing experiencing those moments on life where you need/want to to make some extra money? You have come to the right place. This blog is going to share the wide range of ways to make money that were not even around a decade ago.

So check out the ideas listed below. Some may not be a good fit, but some of the ideas may be perfect for you. 
1. Take a few surveys on your phone
Ipsos i-Say is a survey app that allows you to take surveys, earn points and then cash out for PayPal or other rewards.
2. Get paid to download an App
SmartPanel is a new app that collects anonymous us of data from your phone and they can pay you $5 just to install it. After downloading it you can get paid via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card.
3. Blogging
Blogging is not something that will provide much income quickly but if you stick at it, it can. It requires patience.
4. Get paid for testing websites
Many big companies are looking for feedback about eh usability of their website. This is where comes in. You sign for free and answer a few questions about a particular website, explaining whether it is good, bad, confusing or clear, etc. And then you will get paid.
5. Buy and sell cars for profit
If you love cars and are not afraid to haggle, you could start a car flipping business. You can scour the classified listings for deals, land a good deal and then drive the car while trying to sell it for a couple of a grand more.
6. Social Marketing consultant
Many companies are looking for qualified candidates who know the ins and outs of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help them with their social marketing efforts. Check the job sites for social media for social media.
7. Start an Ebay business
While profit margins can be thin selling on eBay, there are over a million eBay businesses in the world so it is a viable option.
8. Sell digital photos
Sell Digital Photos 
Making money as a photographer has become easier over the last decade. There are now many sites looking to buy digital photos:
As with most things, the better you are, the more money you will make, it it can be a nice passive income if you work at it.
9. Get paid from your Iphone
There seems to be some apps popping up that pay you to do simple stuff like a picture of a menu, or of yourself drinking a starbucks, or verifying that a road is closed. These can make you a good quick buck.
10. Teach language classes online
Did you know that English speakers are in high demand in Asia? As a result many are turning to freelancers using websites like You can register on this website to teach any other language as well. 
11. Do freelancing
Yes, people will pay you if you write articles for them but you need to know where to look. Starting a blog is an excellent idea and the opportunities will flood. 
12. Baby sit kids
Love kids? Baby sit them for cash. Sometimes even voluntary babysitting can turn into an income.
13. Write an eBook
You can make great money by writing and selling an eBook online. Just take what you know and put it in a masterpiece.
14. Tutor students
Efficient in maths or science or other languages? Share your knowledge with students and you can get paid for it, big time.
15. Be a remote secretary
Help people to type out papers, handle phone calls and organise email. This is a great at-home job thanks to computers.
16. Amazon: Publish your won kindle books
People who love writing and marketing are finding that they can publish their won digital books directly on Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing platform.
17. Google AdSense: Se up your own niche websites
Place Google AdSense ad on a variety of tops on your blogs and websites and then make money while you are at it.
18. YouTube: Make money via videos
If you know your way around your smarphone’s video feature try to earn as much as $4 million per year by uploading interesting videos on YouTube and pray that they go viral.
19. Instagram: Turn your social media photos into print for profit is not just for sharing intersting photos or showing off. These days you can earn a great income from the site by sekking your beautiful Instagram photos as prints.
20. LinkShare: Recommend products and services to your readers
Retailers like Macy’s, Kohl’s and even Walmart have a presence on, whereby if they approve you for participation in their programmes, you can make money when customers buy products via your links.
21. Women’s leadership forum at Blog for gift cards and products
The site called WOLF at Best Buy is pretty fun and us women bloggers generally jump at the chance to earn $50 Best Buy gift cards or products worth even more for writing about various specials, sales, etc, and promoting them on social media.
22. Flippa: Create a profitable website and sell it
If you are good with setting up websites, you can use the site called Flippa to find someone to buy it from you when you need the cash.
23. Social Spark: Write for money and trips
This site allows bloggers to earn cash or even trips for writing about various products or experiences.
24. GoDaddy: Flip a popular dot com name
If you would be luck enough to own a potential profitable domain and list it on GoDaddy Auctions, you would make a lot of money for that do com name.
25. Get a newspaper route
Rise and shine! For some people, earn morning does not exist, but for the rest of you, use those hours to throw a few papers and be sure to get some money for that.
26. Officiate weddings
Look outside the ‘hard’ skills like your ability to write a code or take amazing photos – can you take to people? Are you a great speaker and love to celebrate love? Consider the weekend side gig as a wedding officiant.
27. Create Holiday Crafts
Create holiday crafts for popular holidays that people will be interested in trading at a reasonable price. No one wants to celebrate a holiday without the décor.
28. Participate in Research Studies 
Researchers studying new medical treatments or human behaviour need to test their ideas on subjects, sign up to become a test subject and get paid for the studies.
29. Collect your change
Everyone’s living quarters are different but there is a certain list that everyone should go through first; like under the couches and under the bed, there is bound to be some money hiding in there somewhere.
30. Your bed stand
Most of us have a little spot where we put money after we toss off our clothes at the end of the day. If you don’t have a spot, create one so that you can safe the extra cash not allocated to anything.
If you are willing to work hard, you could make considerably more than working the traditional side jobs like delivering pizza and lawn mowing.
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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my Disclosure for more info. 
How to save money on a camera using Ebates? 

Are your children in the school talent show? Or maybe you’re getting ready to go on a dream vacation? Or perhaps you don’t want life’s little moments to slip away. No matter which memories you are trying to treasure, a digital camera will help you record those special moments whether big or small.
If you are looking to buy a digital camera but you are on a budget, you don’t have to worry because Ebates has got a solution. Therefore, go ahead and shop for your favourite brands that are both reliable and affordable, and when you find the camera that fits your needs, just close your eyes and buy it through Ebates and you will earn up to 10% cash back.
Ebatesis the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping. Ebates pays its registered members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online. Founded in 1998, Ebates Inc. has paid over $325 million in cash to its members and this is why millions of people have joined Ebates. 
According to Ebates’ website incredible deals don’t end with cash back. They hunt down cut-rate coupons and exclusive offers plus amazing deals on hot products. Unlike any other savings site on the internet, you can layer the deals. Save big by using coupons and getting cash back at the same time! With deal layering, you really stack up the savings.
To have access to the greatest deals and more savings you should join the Ebates Cash Back Button which hangs out in your browser and does all the work. It has been built as a feature for Google, Yahoo and Bing and it will alert you when Cash Back is available at participating stores so that you will never miss out. 
From silly snapshots to life’s most important moments, digital camera coupons from the top photo retailers let you keep those memories close by, affordably. Go beyond saying “cheese” with discount photo accessories, camera bags online, and electronics coupon codes to help you save on top digital cameras. Save on the best brands of digital cameras including Nikon and Canon with Cash Back at Ebates.
For more information about Ebates and their deals, visit
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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my Disclosure for more info. 

Google AdSense is one of the platforms for publishers to publish their work in return for an income. It is a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad network and it has been an industry leader for the past sixteen years. Here basically publishers get payment when they receive ‘real clicks’ from internet browsers.
Chitika is also a PPC ad network which is mostly used by people who do not qualify for Google AdSense because of strict Google policies. It is also famous for publishers to earn a fair income from their websites and blogs.

Both these networks are doing well but it would be difficult to say that Chika is an good alternative to Google AdSense because of their low CPC and CPM rates, and fraud; but you can still use Chitikaif your AdSense account is not approved by google.
When comparing Chitika to AdSense, AdSense will take the prize hands down but that doesn’t meant that Chitika is worthless. Chitika do not generate substantial income compared to AdSense, but it does bring value and more importantly, some revenue to the table.
Although many ad network users agree that Google AdSense is better than Chitika in terms of earnings, they also raise the flag that AdSense can be unpredictable as they could ban users’ accounts without any reason. However they have reached a decision that when used correctly, Chitika can be very beneficial to the publishers.
Research proves that both these ad networks are well respected, we known and well established. They have their own set of rules, procedures and practices designed for both publishers and advertisers. The joy of publishing your work with these two entities bring an opportunity to revenue shares if not an opportunity to generate income, however you cannot rely on them for stability it all comes down to which ad network presents ads that are more targeted to your audience and which one is actually generating significant earnings for both publishers and advertisers.
This should determine your choice to continue a relationship with either of the networks. The technology that influences ads placements onsite has great influence on the chances of getting that ‘real click’ on the displays of advertisements on your website or blog.
Ad network experts recommend publishers to keep both the accounts and apply their services to the right sections of their website and blog; this may yield greater results.


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