10 Tips for Finding the Best Shoes for Your Feet

When shopping for the best shoes for you, you will want to keep much more than trendy fashion styles in mind. The best shoes for your feet will fit you well, support your stride and keep your feet healthy. The following ten essential tips can help you make a good choice:

1. Shop during the afternoons — after a day on your feet, they tend to expand and you need a pair of shoes that will fit you well at your largest.

2. Take a Footprint – if you have a traced image of your foot on hand you can make selections to try on very quickly, anything not up to the mark, can be

3. Wear the same socks you intend to wear with your shoes to the store with you, you will want to simulate your walking experience exactly.

4. Measure both feet – while at the store, get exact measurements of both feet each time you go in for a new pair. Feet may change shape with a different pair of shoes and one may be larger than the other. Always select a pair of shoes for the larger foot.

5. Stand in your shoes – your feet spread the weight of the body through their precise structure, when you are standing up. Wiggle the toes, how do the shoes feel on the ball of your foot? There should be about half an inch of room between the tip of your toes and the inner edge of your shoe.

6. Walk Around — it is essential that your shoes accommodate the shape of your foot as you walk around. Do the heels pinch the toes or do they slip around easily? Don’t try to rationalize that your feet will “get used” to the shoes. If they don’t fit right now, they will only get worse.

7. Trust your Feet – don’t make choices by sizes and styles, trust your feet to tell you which are the best shoes for you, it is easy to get sizes different between manufacturers and it is best to take an intuitive approach to each purchase.

8. Pay attention to the Width – the width of the shoe is as important as the, length, if your shoes are not wide enough, you can develop bunions and bentonites. This is a point where a size-larger shoe may not actually help the issue. Maybe try Klogs

9. Remove stuffing from shoes before trying them on, and lace them properly – You need to know exactly how the shoe will feel on the foot so take out all the tags and other objects inside the shoe before trying them on.

10. Consider the soles – your shoes will be worn in a specific environment, are the soles well suited to this environment? Try to walk on both hard and soft surfaces to see how the shoes respond.