River Review
River has devised an excellent way to maximize Instagram opportunity. Doing business online means getting into every corner of social media. All social media are highly engaging and require the largest amount of time. Instagram is a photograph specialist social media. It’s the best when it comes to picture sales. A picture speaks a thousand words. 100 pictures may mean a lot to your business. Imagine when 100 of them receive 1000 likes within three days! river says that social media engagement is just beginning.

What is in river?
river features managed accounts. The managed accounts are designed for those who have high social media influence and those who are high influencers. The idea behind managed account is that high influencers do not have all the time to engage with people on Instagram. Therefore, you’re signed up for the managed account and riverwill do the rest of the work for you. Same work as you could have done it if you had time.
How Does river Plan to Manage Your Account?
Your account is managed by experienced account managers who understand the benefits of social media. The account managers will target your audience who are found through the hashtags columns that you’ve added to your dashboard. The ground work would involve liking photos, following people who are valuable to your account and optionally unfollowing those with little impact. This work is done every day. You do not have time to do this. Do you?
Is river for You?
The answer is YES if you believe that you’re a high influencer. Professional bloggers in all industries, branding agencies and celebrities are going to benefit from managed accounts. river will actively engage people on your Instagram profile on your behalf.
Is there Price for this Service?
river has the following three packages accompanied with a free trial:
1.       Engaged account cost $49/mo.  This package is affordable, but is ideal for you if you have time and experience to build your growth without someone managing your account. The package is perfect for anyone with spare time.
2.       Managed account cost $99/mo. With this package, Getriver.com safely builds the portfolio and growth for you. This package was designed for busy professionals in their industry. If you’re an ecommerce business or a rising star, then you need to this package and let river managers take your fame to the next space.
3.       Agency account comes with a private cost. You will get the quote from the company. With this account, triver can give you unlimited services and can manage more than 10 Instagram accounts. This is where the real deal lies for agencies and big companies.
Whats More on river?
river will give you numbers. Your posts will move from 20 likes to 900+ likes in less than three days. Your real followers will grow by 10% in the same period of time. river promises, delivers and has delivered growth for those who are already working with this social media innovation.


river is here to stay. You’re already late if you’ve not signed up to this platform. Your followers are happy when they see you with numbers. Numbers count and sell in social media. Do not miss great opportunity that will grow your real influence in the online space. 

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