Organizing A Mediation Room Using 9 Simple Steps
There are two sides to becoming your fit, and the focus on your mental health is just as important as the focus on your physical health. Did you know that if you spend just 20 minutes each day meditating, you can gain a wealth of improvement on your mentality. However, meditation needs to be performed in the perfect space if you want it to be effective. When considering how to make a meditation space that will suit your needs, make a note of how these nine factors can be of assistance.
1. Location Is Important
The number one priority for your meditation space is that is must be a location that is quiet and not a place where there are a lot of people. You may find that your patio, garden or porch areas could suit your need for mediation space, and these areas are also attractive if you wish to do yoga in the same area. In 2003, a study was done in Sweden that revealed outdoor workouts were 15% more restorative than indoor workouts.
2. Minimalize Your Space
It is hard to relax and feel calm when you are surrounded by “stuff”. The next step to making your meditation space relaxing is to get rid of everything in the room that is constructive and cluttering. This may mean moving out furniture, but you want the room to be relaxing. Don’t forget to take all but one or two pictures from the walls. Leaving a couple of items up means you have a focus point.
3. If inside Soundproof The Room
If possible, soundproof the room that you are going to use for meditation. New insulation within the wall cavities is one way to keep the outside noise out. A product known as green glue is another soundproof method, and green glue could save you money as it takes the energy from sound waves and turns it into heat. This could be very beneficial during the winter months.
4. Make Sure Your Lighting Is Relaxing.
You want your meditation area to feel cozy and inviting so choose lighting that can match your mood needs. LED lights that have a yellow tinge to them will help you achieve this. Make sure your lights can be dimmed as necessary so that they can be lowered during meditation time.
5. Don’t Forget A Water Feature
There is nothing more relaxing that the sound of running water so make sure you include an indoor water feature in your meditation space. You don’t need anything big and fancy as even a small water feature will give the sound your body needs to relax. If you go for an outdoor space then one of these outdoor wall fountains at could do the trick
6. Incorporate Nature Into Your Space
Giving your body the ability to reconnect with nature will help it to relax and this has been proven in more than one study. You can include nature in your room by having beach objects, living green plants or even flowers in your space. Anything that makes you think of being outside will be of benefit.
7. Music Soothes The Soul
When you need to calm your mind, music is a proven aid for meditation. Not only does music give you something to focus on, but it also drowns out the noise of other things going on around you.
8. Aromatherapy Calms The Mind
If you are finding it tough to relax, consider adding essential oils such as peppermint or lavender into your meditation space as they are proven relaxants. You can either purchase candles that have these oils in them, or you can run a diffuser in your meditation area which has a few drops of these oils added to it.
9. Don’t Forget The Need For Fresh Air.
Vitamin D is important in your desire to reduce your stress levels, and making sure your meditation room has a window that can be opened will help you trigger Vitamin D in your body. You need fresh air to help reconnect with the outdoors.

Improving your health and mental well-being can be done by bringing meditation into your daily routine. Using these tips you can create the perfect meditation room, and that will immediately impact on the negative mental health you have been experiencing.
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