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Summer is only a few short months away, and now it the time to start planning a vacation or a mini summer adventure. Here are a few money saving challenges to try in the next few weeks to save for summer!

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1. Want vs. Need Challenge
For the shopaholic:
For a recommended 40 days or however many days you want, do not shop! Only buy what you need. Groceries, toiletries, or emergency repairs (the essentials) are all you can spend your money on. So that means no buying clothes, coffee, or any kind of entertainment. You will save big at the end of this challenge!
2. Spring Cleaning Challenge
For the hoarder:
Go through your closet, attic, basement, junk drawers, basically everything and figure out what you don’t need anymore. Find clothes you don’t find yourself wearing a lot anymore, don’t fit, or are just plain old. De-clutter your home and try and sell things that you don’t need anymore and are just gathering dust. Whatever you don’t sell, you can donate. Sell to your local thrift store, set up a store on eBay or Etsy depending on what you have to sell.
3. 52 week dollar Challenge
For the chronic spender:
I’ve tried this one and I swear by it. Grab an old mason jar, preferably a good size and tape a chart with the next 52 weeks (you can start small and work your way up to a longer period of time). The first week, you’ll put a dollar in and mark it on the chart. The next week put $2, then $4, then $8 and so on. Double the amount you put in each week and mark it on the chart to keep track of whats in the jar. Keep doing these steps until the jar is filled or you get to your goal amount.
4. No Debit Card Challenge
For the card junkie:
I would like to think I created this challenge, but it’s obviously been done before in the time before debit/credit cards. For one month, or in my case 3 months, leave you debit card at home. I find that most of my overspending is from using my debit card too much because its accessible. When I use my debit card, I don’t keep track of my spending. So instead of a debit card, use cash. When you need cash, go to your bank instead of an ATM, so you’re not constantly getting cash out every day. That way you can give yourself an allowance each week and you’ll be spending a lot less which saves a lot of $$$.
5. Live below your means challenge
For those with champagne taste on a beer wallet:
Go through all your monthly expenses and cut down. Opt for a cheaper monthly cable package, or see what you can cut from your phone bill. Turn the heat down a few degrees! Keep your driving to a minimal. Cut out an frivolous monthly spending like a monthly subscription service or getting your nails done. There are so many ways to save, and remember you can cut down temporarily!
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