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How can you get the most from your entertainment services like phone usage and television? Were you coerced into adding additional telephone features to your phone line that you really do not need? Are the services included on your phone plan proving themselves not as necessary as the sales person made them seem? Let us look at what you can take away or adjust to get the most from your cable and phone service.

Let’s face it, modern technology has given us a multitude of ways to keep in contact with our loved ones and relatives in other foreign places. Most company’s offer a “discounted rate per minute” for their long distance services. You still wind up paying per every precious minute you spend on the phone, making connecting with a loved one more expensive than comforting.

The internet’s age brings about options ranging from email, and social media to VOIP (Voice over IP)options, some of which are completely free, save for the microphone headset needed to communicate. There are even software you can utilize webcams for visual contact (ALL FREE OF ADDITIONAL CHARGES). Voice over IP, is essentially having a phone line via the internet, which works off the hardware you ALREADY own. No hassle of company installers or setting time from your busy day to set any software up! Just download, boot and you are ready to chat. However, most cost free VOIP options are intended for video gamers, it does not mean you and your loved ones cannot take advantage of the beneficial option.
Popular VOIP options that I have personally used, without having to come up out of pocket, are Skype, Dolby Axon, and Mumble. Just have all parties (yes, you can have more than one person interacting) download the required software and get to communicating worldwide. Of course, Apple provides FaceTime as well, which is great if you have an iPhone, but tends to eat through your data plan if you are not in a Wi-Fi-enabled area.
Eliminate all those extra features, the call waiting, caller ID and even cable. More popular than ever, is access to TV streaming options you can utilize, without the pressure from the bundle hungry corporatemedia companies. Some options include Roku, ChromeCast, and FireTV by Amazon to name a few. Save $75-$200 a month by eliminating your cable providing service. Modern technology gives users the chance to break free of the chains of the money hungry corporations. We not have the option to delete them from our lives and take the costs of entertainment into our own hands!
Get Frugal this Friday and delete the extra money sucking out your life!

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